Yesterday while I was reading, I was startled out of my word induced oblivion,to one of our neighbor ladies screaming her head off in my nearest neighbor’s yard. By the time I got out into the yard they were both gone back to her house. I really didn’t think anything of it per se, Her husband is kinda known on our street as a meth head crazy guy.

Not until the 4 police cars 1 ambulance and a fire truck blocked our street did I wonder what the heck was going on.Patrick ,however, in true Gladys Kravitz fashion was chomping at the bit to find out what the matter was. A little later we decided to walk up to the corner store for beverages(ok and a couple of snickers too). The lady at the store knew nothing of what was going on. On the walk back to the house we saw our favorite neighbor on her porch. We stopped to see what she knew.

Apparently the poor guy had been very despondent the past two weeks , not even leaving the house when friends stopped by to take him out.He was what all the screaming was about. He had hung himself to death inside his house and was found by his mother who had been stopping by to check on him twice a day.My heart goes out to his wife (who is a really great lady) and his mother .

We really didn’t know him well, the only interaction we had with him was on Christmas last year when he came over and (violently) complained because we had friends over (on Christmas eve) for a late dinner and we were a little loud.

But that is kinda my point. In today’s world do we ever really get to know our neighbors? I think it is sad that we have lived in this neighborhood going on our second year and we know the people directly connected to our lot and no one else. I remember while growing up in Bama, we knew everyone in our area . Some better than others but we had at least a nodding and smiling relationship with all the people on our street.

The other thing that bothers me is that the people who did know this guy saw how despondent he was ,and yet did nothing to get him some real help.But, perhaps the ones that knew him best knew that he was beyond help. I have no right or place to judge them. I can only hope that if my friends and family saw me slowly withdrawing from the world that someone would do something for me .Even if that something was dragging my ass to a drug center or a rehab place.

I really don’t know what my point is in this whole post other to say Good bye neighbor. Sorry we never took the time to speak. My hope is that maybe now, you are able to find some peace.