Today was SUPPOSED to be my day off. Notice how I used all caps on that word supposed. Guess where I am . At work, you say? You would be correct dear readers I am,in fact,at work. Remember back when I posted about the Liar guy .

Well he is at it again,this time he left his shift with out asking for a supervisor’s permission. Then the very next day he was a no call/no show and I have to be here today to inform him he can not come back to work, until he speaks to HR. Should be fun. I hope he gets terminated this time, good riddance to bad rubbish.I guess it’s a good thing that I have no life,therefore had no plans for today.It kinda works out well for me,this way I will have 1 day off with Patrick instead of none. And if the guy gets terminated it will turn out to be a day well spent. A win /win if you will.

In other news I have become addicted to another TV show. I am a little late on this band wagon but I watched 4 episodes of Nip/Tuck last night,I am hooked.I now have to go to my local Blockbuster and rent seasons 1&2 so I can figure everything out. And speaking of TV think this new fall season is going to make my DVR explode. It looks like a great fall new show wise, of course come November I am sure that half of the ones I am looking forward to will not be worth the wait .Some of the ones I am looking forward to you ask? Ok I will tell you ; Vanished ( basically because the guy who played Brian Kinney is in it), Kidnapped,Heroes,Studio60 on Sunset strip, Stand Off and Smith.In addition to all the shows I already DVR its a good thing I have a lot of “free time”.