how_to_cutting_the_candle.gif  …….in your ear. Yes I typed in your ear. No it isn’t a typo. Patrick’s new job is at a health food store called Mana Foods. It is our equivalent to a Whole Foods.It is actually quite cool to just look at all the different things the have there, but I digress……..

 Yesterday we decided to walk down to the store and purchase a healthy salad for dinner. While we were there we decided to look around in the Health and Beauty Aid section. They have all kinds of really new age home remedies and tonics, aromatherapy stuff and (wait for it)……… ear wax candles. Might sound kind of gross, but as we were talking to the Health and Beauty Aids lady, we found out that, even if you clean your ears on a daily basis there is still alot of waxy build up that the q-tips just can’t get to. 

These candles are long cylindrical things with a point on one end and a larger opening at the other.Supposedly. you are to put the small tapered end into your ear(but not to snug, it needs to get oxygen)and then light the other end.The heat gets funneled down the taper and into your ear,creating a vacuum of hot air which pulls the excess wax out of your ear and through into the larger portion of the candle.

The benefits of using these candles are many fold. Some of them are;better balance/equilibrium,better hearing and less headaches.Of course,being the adventurous shoppers total suckers that we are, we bought 4.We have not used them as of yet because we are spineless cowards who don’t relish our ears being burned by hot wax a little busy with work at this time.The lady said it would take about 20 minutes per ear, so we need to wait until we can dedicate some time to it.However, trust me dear readers,the moment we do have some free time we will try those suckers out. I will post an update here sometime in the next week about how it went. Hopefully, I haven’t grossed out all of my 7 readers with this post (too badly anyway).  🙂