I make no secret that Lola is perhaps one of the world’s most spoiled dogs. It all started quite innocently, the day we decided to give her table scraps, and more than 1 toy. These days she believes that she is a primadonna (primadogga) and can cop some serious ‘tude at times.We used to think it was cute, but now it is getting a little out of hand. Take this story as an example.

Usually, I am the first one to leave the house in the morning so it falls to me to let her out for her morning potty break. Yesterday, I was running a bit behind and needed her to hurry a bit. She had other plans. I let her out and stood in the carport telling her to go potty. She slowly made her rounds of Patrick’s plants sniffing and snorting her way from one end of the carport to the other.She then took a long leisurely stretch, lay down in a bright patch of sunlight and began to survey her domain. “Lola you need to go potty and go back in the house ” I told her. She just stared at me and laid her head back down. “Go potty”, I said more forcefully. She looked at me again and snorted her ” I can’t believe it snort.”

“Alright, I don’t have time for this now, if you don’t have to go potty get back inside!”I told her. I have never seen her get up as slowly as she did to walk back to the front door. As I opened the door for her to get back inside she snorted once more, shook her head, as if to say I was the crazy one, and nearly knocked me off the stoop with her butt as she passed.

Sometimes ….I tell ya. If she didn’t have both of her daddies wrapped around her non -opposable digits she would really be in big trouble.