The world could change in an instant if we could retain the innocence and love that live couched in the heart of a child . This story, as related to me from Patrick brought a few tears to the eye today.

Suzy* is Patrick’s sister that lives in Portland, Oregon. This is a story that happened on her family’s way to a birthday party. Tom* a six year old boy was trying to pass the time by talking to his parents.

“Daddy, How many brothers and sisters do you have?” Tom* asked.
“Well,” replied his Father, ” there is me , my brother Ralph* and our sister Linda*.”
“That’s all?” asked Tom.
“Yes” was his Father’s reply.
“What about you Momma? Tom* asked.

Suzy* began to list the names of all of her siblings (Patrick grew up in a house with 10 children) She got to Patrick and stopped (he is the youngest).

” But Momma,you forgot all about Scott!” Tom*exclaimed.

“Well Honey, Scott isn’t really my brother he is my brother in law.” Suzy* tried to explain.

“But he is such a big part of our family, and we all love him very much.” was Tom’s* reply. ” I think that you should call him brother”

” I think you are so right Tom*” Suzy*answered, “I guess we will start calling him a brother.”

“He is really my uncle though,right? Just like Patrick?” Tom* asked.

“Yes”, Suzy* replied.
“That’s great!Because I sure do love and miss him. ” was Tom’s Reply.

Why can’t the whole world see things as simply as a child does? I know that might sound a bit niave. But I think everything would be much easier if we could keep a bit of that innocence alive.

* Names have been changed to protect the privacy of others*