OK so my car needed new tires. No problem. I would just swing by our local Wal Mart and get them to install them for me . No Problem, or so I thought…………

I drove on over to the tire center area and waited about 20 minutes before any one even acknowledged I was there. OH they saw me,even walked right by me a few times. No “one moment please” or “I’ll be with you in a minute” nothing, like I, and my car were invisible. Finally a very pleasant guy walks up to me and asks what I need done . I told him I needed 2 new tires installed.I gave him the info he needed and he asked me to go inside and tell them because his little hand held computer thing was low on batteries. No big deal I went inside.This was all right around 5:40 pm. The guy inside was training a new cashier, they were very gruff and rude. The guy ( I am asuming he was a mgr, because of his tie and all ) was like “it is going to be a while we have 3 tires ahead of you,” then dismissed me.

I strolled around WM awhile and got lost in the dvd section. The next time I looked at my watch it was approaching 7:30 ish. I figure that the guy said three tires ahead of me, they might be done. I walked back to the tire area and looked at my car. It hadn’t even been moved from where I parked it. I had brought a book wiht me just incase I got tired of walking around WM (which I did ) so I sat in the tire waiting area and started reading. And then they started closing all the bay doors and sweeping the area. I went to the office area and had to say excuse me, loudly ,3 times before the new girl came out of the office. I asked her why they were closing the bay doors when my car hadn’t even been touched yet. She sighed heavily, rolled her eyes and said “I don’t know,you would have to ask them. ” and went back in the office.

It was now closing in on 8/8:15pm. I went out and asked them why they were closing the bay doors before putting on my tires. They looked at me like I had grown another head. Then the nice guy who had finally helped me back at 5:40 pm told me they had forgotten about my car. I said “How could you forget, my keys are right there on the counter?”

“We are going to do it right now” said nice guy.

I was out of there by 8:30. Almost 3 hours for 2 tires …..and they weren’t even busy,they had just forgot. I called the store Mgr, not really looking for anything but just to inform her of the goings on ( I am in a service industry too, so I thought they might like to know).The Mgr told me she would let the Dept Mgr of tires know about it and he would be calling me. That was Thursday..today is Sunday. I guess maybe they didn’t really want to know. I haven’t recieved a call back yet. I love me some Wal Mart….hmmmmm.