Eh……… We did the whole ear candling thing, and it was just eh….. I mean my ears feel clean. And the burns on my neck and shoulder are almost healed (from when Patrick cut off the end of the candle and it accidentally fell on my shoulder and neck).And there was a good amount of gross waxy build up inside the candle when we cut it open. When all was said and done it was something I am glad we did. It was fun,good time with the man you love can not ever be a bad thing (except for the whole burning thing).

The wierd thing about it was how it sounded in my ear,kinda like putting the needle on an old LP before the music started, scratchy and poppy. Will we ever do it again? Most likely, like I said it was quality time with Husband away from the TV and/or books. The candles are only like $ 2.00 each so it isn’t that big a deal. However, I really don’t see it as a “must do ” item.
The whole thing was rather anticlimatic,really, so there you have it .