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In the Shadow of a Serial Killer

I picked up a copy of The Devil in the White City . I have picked it up several times but always walked out of the book store with a different choice. After several recommendations I bought it. I am hooked, which in and of itself is weird. I am not that big a history buff and I hardly ever read non fiction. This book is quite good. And a bit creepy.

Good because of the fact that is is very well written.It got me hooked within the first few pages. It reads more like a novel than an accounting of true facts. Creepy because as you get into the story(fairly early in) you learn a little about the killer.He lived, even taught in the same town Patrick grew up in, Alton, New Hampshire. Granted this took place in 1893 so he lived there almost a full century before Patrick did. I am sure Alton changed in the time between hosting a serial killer and my partner . However,they lived in the same town ya’ll, I think that is kinda creepy. Maybe I am making a big deal out of nothing but it still creeps me out. Many people live in the same towns as serial killers (that might be how they get victims) but not anyone I know and certainly not a loved one. Weird huh ?


Embarrassing Moment # 345,765,987

Those of you who know me, know that I am not the most co-ordinated person you will ever meet. Those who I will meet in the future will find out quite quickly that I am one of the world’s premiere klutzes. “Be careful!” “Watch Out!” and “Are you okay?” are phrases I have been acquainted with since time immemorial.If there is a wall, I will run into it. A chandelier hanging, I will bump my head on it. A curb to step over,I will, more than likely, fall over it.How many people do you know that routinely fall UP the stairs? And for the most part I have gotten over it. I have lived with this fact for 40 years and learned quickly it was not a “phase” I was going through. It is, in fact, my lot in life. All through Junior High and High School,my Summer vacations were not complete unless I had visited the emergency room at least once.I am the clumsy one (Hi there, nice to meet ya).

Not to put too fine a point on it, but when I told a friend of mine I was going to take surfing lessons when I got to Maui. She burst out laughing. I asked her what was so funny. Her response was ” Scott I don’t see you surfing as much as I see you floundering around in the water.” There you have it.

Today I had some time to kill before work. I decided to go to Starbucks and grab my caffeinated beverage of choice (Vente Vanilla Latte) and a piece of Banana bread. After my purchase I sat and enjoyed my bread. As I walked out the door to go to work I saw a friend of mine that I worked with at my first job on Maui . I haven’t seen her in almost a year. We were both excited to see each other. We hugged for a long time, kissed and squealed like school girls. Then I spilled a steaming hot Vente Vanilla Latte all over her butt and legs. Klutz indeed. She wrote down my number (after I got her all cleaned up) and promised to hang out sometime. Most likely after the burns have healed.

Wanna Brighten Someone’s Day ?

Wear sparkles!! I have already mentioned here on the Blog how Patrick will, on occasion wear sparkles. Sometimes with disastrous (for me) effects. The store that he works at now had no problem with him wearing them to work, so he does. On an almost daily basis . For a couple of days last week Patrick was not feeling well , and as a result didn’t feel like wearing the sparkles.

There is an old Japanese lady that comes into the store almost everyday, who, it seems , likes Patrick very much. She usually doesn’t say much too him but will always go to his checkout line. She is polite and smiles alot, just doesn’t talk to him much.Except for the day he forgot to wear his sparkles. The conversation went something like this :

JL : “You are not wearing your makeup today”

P:” Excuse me ?”

JL: “Your makeup… the glitter how come you don’t have it on today?”

P: “Oh..that’s not makeup it just sparkles. I am not wearing them today because I don’t really feel well.”

JL:” Oh, sparkles I see. Well I hope you get to feeling better soon. I come to your line everyday to see your sparkles. They make me feel very happy when I see them on you. It really makes me have a better day, after I have seen you with them .”

P:(laughing) “I will be sure to have them on the next time you come in!”

Sometimes it really is the little things we do that can make a big difference in the lives of others.

The Belle Epoch…..

..has ended. Sadly this will be the last post about little Belle Moorlach. Due to reasons beyond our control,we had to get rid of the pup. On a happier note we gave her to a family that live fairly close to us so we will be able to see her now and then before we move back to the mainland.Lola is kind of a mixture of sad/relieved, the puppy was causing her all kinds of irritation. Which is,as my sister pointed out,the job of a puppy, to cause mischief and mayhem . I cried like a little girl as we dropped off her potty pads, food and play pen.But then I realized this was for the best. How much trama would it have been sending her on a plane and then across country in 9 months when we leave. She would not even of been one year old yet .

I did,however,make Patrick promise that we will pick up no more stray or abandoned puppies until the dreaded time that Lola passes from this world . My heart can not take getting attached to one more pup and then have it taken away for reasons that are out of our control.So for better or for worse our family has lost a member, she will always be remembered with fondness. At least now she is the princess that will eventually rule her new roost .

miracle_fruit4.jpg Miracle Fruit Bush

I have been talking to a few of my blogger friends about my complete apathy towards football. Part of that apathy comes from the fact that I don’t know the rules of how the game is played therefore I don’t like to watch.A second part of the apathy just came to me today for some odd reason.When I was a child or a younger adult even,football to me was always associated with the holidays,specifically Thanksgiving. Some of my earliest memories of Thanksgiving/football were basically about falling to sleep after getting full from tucking in to the veritable smorgasbord that is Thanksgiving. After the meal I would inevitably find myself lying on the living room floor drifting off to sleep to the sounds of the big game on the TV. My Pavlovian response to hearing football is to become extremely sleepy, and to crave cranberry sauce ( they jelly not the one with whole berries in it ) .

In other news Patrick is now working for a health food store called Mana Foods. Yesterday when I came home from work he began excitedly to tell me the story of the Miracle Fruit. He and some other new friends of his were able to try this phenomenon while at work yesterday.It works fairly well too. One of his friends is going to bet her boyfriend $50.00 that she can eat a whole lime (her boyfriend apparently knows of her aversion to limes) She bought a pack of the Miracle Fruit and is now a shoe-in to win the $50.00.I told Patrick I think that is cheating but if she wins more power to her ! Patrick told me these things do not come cheap, at his store they are selling bags of 6 for $10.00, but he was told in Japan some people are willing to pay $100.00 for one fruit.I believe it only grows in 2 places,Africa and right up the hill from where we live in a town called Haiku.

Tagged by Crash

OK this guy tagged me to do a meme that lists 5 things you can do in your  town/City . I have the opposite problem,than the one he had . Since He lives in NYC his city was too big. I live in Paia, Maui, Hawaii . I am going to expand my area to all of Maui.Here is my list :

1) Drive up to the summit of Haleakala (Maui’s Volcano) for a sunrise. But bring gloves,earmuffs and a quilt or two. It gets really cold at the summit at sunrise .

2) Hang out at the beach all day with some beer and good friends.

3) Take a snorkel or dive boat. These are awesome and some even give you food and drinks in the price of the trip.

4) Take a day trip to Hana. This is the area of Maui that has some of the more beautiful waterfalls. It is rain forest. Also has the most gorgeous beach in the world the Red Sand Beach.

5) Hang out at the Resort where I work and use the world’s only water operated elevator to take you to the top of the water slides.

This is actually the first meme where I know enough people to tag. Those people are:

Spider cause he loves memes.

Sorted just because.


Ron and last, but not least


Have fun guys !!

Survivor and the View

The other day I was up at an ungodly hour. I don’t really remember why I was up, or what day it was for that matter.I was most likely up because of Belle’s caterwaulin'(oh crap I did it any way.I promised a post that had nothing to do with the puppy or the book club and now I went and mentioned the pup ….sorry ) The point being that I was watching the View and Jeff Probst was being interviewed.They were talking about the “shocking” new way that the tribes are being split up this time. Jeff was being all cute and stuff and basically admitted that they were just going for a new gimmick to keep the show “fresh and exciting “. Then Barbara had to open up her mouth and say . ” But Jeff aren’t you worried, by splitting them up this way you are promoting segregation.” “I mean what happens if a white person wins ?”, Barbara asked.

Well ,let me tell you Barbara. Nothing “scandalous” or “shocking” will happen if a white person wins. If you are a fan of the show you know by the time the “winning “rolls around all of the tribes have merged into one happy tribe, and everyone is out for themselves.Also,the winner is chosen by a group of their peers also from said island.If a white person wins this survivor it is because of three things. They outwitted, outlasted and outplayed the other contestants. It is that simple. No Barbara there will be no riots in the streets, nor any mutinies on any bounties just because a white person (or any other race that makes it to the end,for that matter) might win.Quite simply put they collect their cash and /or any other prizes they might have won.Then they all go home. After all,it is only a game. I am done. Plus, I have to get back to my copy of Gone that I am reading for the book club(Oh crap I did it again…jeez sorry guys and girls) I promise to try harder next time not to bring up “you know who” or “you know what”. 😛

P.S. Sorry about all the “quotation marks” I was using them call attention to my “sarcasm”


Belle’s First trip to the Vet


This morning was Belle’s first trip to the Dr’s. It went really well.She was a gem. A whopping 7 pound gem. She is a little tubster It is so funny to see her fat little belly right after we feed her . She tested negative for worms which was a good thing. The only problem we are having with her is that she whines …..all night …very loudly. We got her a portable fence thingy, kinda like a metal play pen, which we keep in the living room.The problem with that is that Lola sleeps with us in the bedroom . I think she feels as if she has been abandoned.So ,for most of the night ,she sits in the pen and yowls.

Our Vet says that we should move the pen into the bedroom at night and that should solve the problem. We shall see, we are going to try it tonight. I swear,I think raising a puppy may be almost as hard as raising a child.

In other news the book club is in full swing. We have, at this point , 10 members which was more than I thought we would have ! I would like to take this time to really, really thank Brett. First of all, for taking care of the set up of the book club blog. And secondly, for plugging the book club on his site (which has gotten us 2 of the 10).I promise to write a post soon that has nothing to do with the book club or the new puppy.I guess I am just a bit excited about both !

Looks like it’s a Go !


 Great news! I got more of a response to my suggestion of a blogger book club than I thought I would so we are going for it!YAY ! I think it will totally be a blast and a great way to meet new and interesting folks here in the blogosphere.

 Brett is going to create a multi authored blog and we are going to post comments and reviews about each book as we finish them. It looks like for our first book we are going to go with “Gone” by Jonathan Kellerman.This one is a psychological thriller, but that does not by any means say this is the only genre we will delve into!

I agree with Brett when he said the cool thing about this is that it will expose us to other genres and authors that we may not actually read. Quite true ! I am very excited that I got some nibbles of interest out there. So far the people that have expressed interest are;my sister Lorry,Brett, Sorted, Sterling and my friend Jessica .If anyone else is interested in doing it too let me know in a comment.


UPDATE :We have a new member already ! Crash has also decided to join us !! That brings our grand total to 7 members thus far!!!

If I were a Cartoon…….

…..I would have a light bulb over my head right now. Meaning I have an idea. Granted not a very well thought out one as of yet but I’m working on that.

Here is the premise : A Blogger Book Club

The Reason : While reading many blogger’s profiles I find a lot of us love to read. I know that we all like different kinds of books, and that we all have other commitments like work, friends etc. But I was thinking about something like those of us who wanted to participate could vote on a genre and book like every other month. If we chose in the beginning of the month that would give us each 2 months to read the books. I know I can read one in like 4 days if it is good. We could then email each other to discuss where we are and whats going on in the book and then at the end of the second month put a review of it in our blogs? Like I said before I know that we all get busy with our own lives and the things and people in them but does this sound like something anyone else would be into? Would anyone like to try it with me ? Let me know in a comment. Or maybe I am just crazy.