Belle Linda Moorlach  🙂



Usually when Lola goes for her grooming day, she gets her teeth brushed, nails trimmed,a hair cut and a nice bath.For all the torture the groomer puts her through she gets a colorful kerchief to call her own.For some reason not yet fully understood to me , today she got all of the above and a little sister to boot. HUH?? What did I just type ? Yup Lola now has a German Shepherd/Rottweiler mix sister.

I am not sure of all the specifics because I am at work and Patrick was left to run all the errands by himself (something I need to not let happen again apparently)But for some odd reason the grooming place had 3 of these tykes running around.The girls at the groomers told Patrick that all 3 were free to a good home,but if they were not gone by the end of the day they were off to the pound.Patrick and I decided that that just wasn’t an option for at least this one.I do have to give kudos to Patrick who did not try to convince me to take all three.He knew I would have (vehemently) objected to that.I am fairly certain that Lola can attest to us having a good home,being the princess that she is .

But seriously we have tried to get her a sister before but it didn’t work out because they were older dogs (1-2 years) and were set in their ways. Both were very mean to Lola,one of them even would attack her any time she went close to the food bowl. This one is a lil puppy,so she will get used to Lola being around as she grows up. Lola,is already in love with her. Patrick told me the minute she saw the pups she started whining to get in their cage with them and was kissing them through the cage.

At this time we are thinking about naming her Ginger because or her coloring.Lorry I am not stealing your new dog’s name, but she is kind of a ginger color. If anyone has any better suggestions for a name leave it in a comment. All ideas will be given substantial thought. So now it is back to midnight potty breaks,puppy breath,special “presents” left around the house and totally demolished shoes. But hey it will be worth it, look how cute she is . She will most likely be a freakin’ mammoth when she grows up though.Anyway,welcome to our family little Ginger, if you have any questions just ask Lola she will be glad to show you the ropes!