…..I would have a light bulb over my head right now. Meaning I have an idea. Granted not a very well thought out one as of yet but I’m working on that.

Here is the premise : A Blogger Book Club

The Reason : While reading many blogger’s profiles I find a lot of us love to read. I know that we all like different kinds of books, and that we all have other commitments like work, friends etc. But I was thinking about something like those of us who wanted to participate could vote on a genre and book like every other month. If we chose in the beginning of the month that would give us each 2 months to read the books. I know I can read one in like 4 days if it is good. We could then email each other to discuss where we are and whats going on in the book and then at the end of the second month put a review of it in our blogs? Like I said before I know that we all get busy with our own lives and the things and people in them but does this sound like something anyone else would be into? Would anyone like to try it with me ? Let me know in a comment. Or maybe I am just crazy.