Great news! I got more of a response to my suggestion of a blogger book club than I thought I would so we are going for it!YAY ! I think it will totally be a blast and a great way to meet new and interesting folks here in the blogosphere.

 Brett is going to create a multi authored blog and we are going to post comments and reviews about each book as we finish them. It looks like for our first book we are going to go with “Gone” by Jonathan Kellerman.This one is a psychological thriller, but that does not by any means say this is the only genre we will delve into!

I agree with Brett when he said the cool thing about this is that it will expose us to other genres and authors that we may not actually read. Quite true ! I am very excited that I got some nibbles of interest out there. So far the people that have expressed interest are;my sister Lorry,Brett, Sorted, Sterling and my friend Jessica .If anyone else is interested in doing it too let me know in a comment.


UPDATE :We have a new member already ! Crash has also decided to join us !! That brings our grand total to 7 members thus far!!!