This morning was Belle’s first trip to the Dr’s. It went really well.She was a gem. A whopping 7 pound gem. She is a little tubster It is so funny to see her fat little belly right after we feed her . She tested negative for worms which was a good thing. The only problem we are having with her is that she whines …..all night …very loudly. We got her a portable fence thingy, kinda like a metal play pen, which we keep in the living room.The problem with that is that Lola sleeps with us in the bedroom . I think she feels as if she has been abandoned.So ,for most of the night ,she sits in the pen and yowls.

Our Vet says that we should move the pen into the bedroom at night and that should solve the problem. We shall see, we are going to try it tonight. I swear,I think raising a puppy may be almost as hard as raising a child.

In other news the book club is in full swing. We have, at this point , 10 members which was more than I thought we would have ! I would like to take this time to really, really thank Brett. First of all, for taking care of the set up of the book club blog. And secondly, for plugging the book club on his site (which has gotten us 2 of the 10).I promise to write a post soon that has nothing to do with the book club or the new puppy.I guess I am just a bit excited about both !