The other day I was up at an ungodly hour. I don’t really remember why I was up, or what day it was for that matter.I was most likely up because of Belle’s caterwaulin'(oh crap I did it any way.I promised a post that had nothing to do with the puppy or the book club and now I went and mentioned the pup ….sorry ) The point being that I was watching the View and Jeff Probst was being interviewed.They were talking about the “shocking” new way that the tribes are being split up this time. Jeff was being all cute and stuff and basically admitted that they were just going for a new gimmick to keep the show “fresh and exciting “. Then Barbara had to open up her mouth and say . ” But Jeff aren’t you worried, by splitting them up this way you are promoting segregation.” “I mean what happens if a white person wins ?”, Barbara asked.

Well ,let me tell you Barbara. Nothing “scandalous” or “shocking” will happen if a white person wins. If you are a fan of the show you know by the time the “winning “rolls around all of the tribes have merged into one happy tribe, and everyone is out for themselves.Also,the winner is chosen by a group of their peers also from said island.If a white person wins this survivor it is because of three things. They outwitted, outlasted and outplayed the other contestants. It is that simple. No Barbara there will be no riots in the streets, nor any mutinies on any bounties just because a white person (or any other race that makes it to the end,for that matter) might win.Quite simply put they collect their cash and /or any other prizes they might have won.Then they all go home. After all,it is only a game. I am done. Plus, I have to get back to my copy of Gone that I am reading for the book club(Oh crap I did it again…jeez sorry guys and girls) I promise to try harder next time not to bring up “you know who” or “you know what”. 😛

P.S. Sorry about all the “quotation marks” I was using them call attention to my “sarcasm”