OK this guy tagged me to do a meme that lists 5 things you can do in your  town/City . I have the opposite problem,than the one he had . Since He lives in NYC his city was too big. I live in Paia, Maui, Hawaii . I am going to expand my area to all of Maui.Here is my list :

1) Drive up to the summit of Haleakala (Maui’s Volcano) for a sunrise. But bring gloves,earmuffs and a quilt or two. It gets really cold at the summit at sunrise .

2) Hang out at the beach all day with some beer and good friends.

3) Take a snorkel or dive boat. These are awesome and some even give you food and drinks in the price of the trip.

4) Take a day trip to Hana. This is the area of Maui that has some of the more beautiful waterfalls. It is rain forest. Also has the most gorgeous beach in the world the Red Sand Beach.

5) Hang out at the Resort where I work and use the world’s only water operated elevator to take you to the top of the water slides.

This is actually the first meme where I know enough people to tag. Those people are:

Spider cause he loves memes.

Sorted just because.


Ron and last, but not least


Have fun guys !!