miracle_fruit4.jpg Miracle Fruit Bush

I have been talking to a few of my blogger friends about my complete apathy towards football. Part of that apathy comes from the fact that I don’t know the rules of how the game is played therefore I don’t like to watch.A second part of the apathy just came to me today for some odd reason.When I was a child or a younger adult even,football to me was always associated with the holidays,specifically Thanksgiving. Some of my earliest memories of Thanksgiving/football were basically about falling to sleep after getting full from tucking in to the veritable smorgasbord that is Thanksgiving. After the meal I would inevitably find myself lying on the living room floor drifting off to sleep to the sounds of the big game on the TV. My Pavlovian response to hearing football is to become extremely sleepy, and to crave cranberry sauce ( they jelly not the one with whole berries in it ) .

In other news Patrick is now working for a health food store called Mana Foods. Yesterday when I came home from work he began excitedly to tell me the story of the Miracle Fruit. He and some other new friends of his were able to try this phenomenon while at work yesterday.It works fairly well too. One of his friends is going to bet her boyfriend $50.00 that she can eat a whole lime (her boyfriend apparently knows of her aversion to limes) She bought a pack of the Miracle Fruit and is now a shoe-in to win the $50.00.I told Patrick I think that is cheating but if she wins more power to her ! Patrick told me these things do not come cheap, at his store they are selling bags of 6 for $10.00, but he was told in Japan some people are willing to pay $100.00 for one fruit.I believe it only grows in 2 places,Africa and right up the hill from where we live in a town called Haiku.