..has ended. Sadly this will be the last post about little Belle Moorlach. Due to reasons beyond our control,we had to get rid of the pup. On a happier note we gave her to a family that live fairly close to us so we will be able to see her now and then before we move back to the mainland.Lola is kind of a mixture of sad/relieved, the puppy was causing her all kinds of irritation. Which is,as my sister pointed out,the job of a puppy, to cause mischief and mayhem . I cried like a little girl as we dropped off her potty pads, food and play pen.But then I realized this was for the best. How much trama would it have been sending her on a plane and then across country in 9 months when we leave. She would not even of been one year old yet .

I did,however,make Patrick promise that we will pick up no more stray or abandoned puppies until the dreaded time that Lola passes from this world . My heart can not take getting attached to one more pup and then have it taken away for reasons that are out of our control.So for better or for worse our family has lost a member, she will always be remembered with fondness. At least now she is the princess that will eventually rule her new roost .