Wear sparkles!! I have already mentioned here on the Blog how Patrick will, on occasion wear sparkles. Sometimes with disastrous (for me) effects. The store that he works at now had no problem with him wearing them to work, so he does. On an almost daily basis . For a couple of days last week Patrick was not feeling well , and as a result didn’t feel like wearing the sparkles.

There is an old Japanese lady that comes into the store almost everyday, who, it seems , likes Patrick very much. She usually doesn’t say much too him but will always go to his checkout line. She is polite and smiles alot, just doesn’t talk to him much.Except for the day he forgot to wear his sparkles. The conversation went something like this :

JL : “You are not wearing your makeup today”

P:” Excuse me ?”

JL: “Your makeup… the glitter how come you don’t have it on today?”

P: “Oh..that’s not makeup it just sparkles. I am not wearing them today because I don’t really feel well.”

JL:” Oh, sparkles I see. Well I hope you get to feeling better soon. I come to your line everyday to see your sparkles. They make me feel very happy when I see them on you. It really makes me have a better day, after I have seen you with them .”

P:(laughing) “I will be sure to have them on the next time you come in!”

Sometimes it really is the little things we do that can make a big difference in the lives of others.