I picked up a copy of The Devil in the White City . I have picked it up several times but always walked out of the book store with a different choice. After several recommendations I bought it. I am hooked, which in and of itself is weird. I am not that big a history buff and I hardly ever read non fiction. This book is quite good. And a bit creepy.

Good because of the fact that is is very well written.It got me hooked within the first few pages. It reads more like a novel than an accounting of true facts. Creepy because as you get into the story(fairly early in) you learn a little about the killer.He lived, even taught in the same town Patrick grew up in, Alton, New Hampshire. Granted this took place in 1893 so he lived there almost a full century before Patrick did. I am sure Alton changed in the time between hosting a serial killer and my partner . However,they lived in the same town ya’ll, I think that is kinda creepy. Maybe I am making a big deal out of nothing but it still creeps me out. Many people live in the same towns as serial killers (that might be how they get victims) but not anyone I know and certainly not a loved one. Weird huh ?