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 Patrick had a nightmare last night.I truly believe it was karma,he now knows what will happen when he laughs at my misfortune. I won’t bore you with the details but he was actually in our present time but really from the year 1526 B.C. Yeah, he and his sister were here battling present day monsters at the Portland Zoo.

Anyway, I guess that will teach him for laughing at me !! Karma is alive and well folks . You would do well never to forget that .   🙂

*** Digression*** I still find it extremely odd, and a little disturbing, that Hawaii does not ” Spring forward” nor do we “Fall Back”.


Dream Weaver

happy-halloween.jpg( click on image to enlarge)

I think that I have made it known here, on the blog, how I can’t remember dreams very well.I mention the two that I vividly remember from childhood here. Well last night I had another one that will be with me for a while. I blame it all on Mr. Jack O’Lantern.

The Dream :

 {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{ everything blurs and there is harp music in the back ground }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

Patrick and I are in some sort of warehouse type shopping place, ie; Costco, Home Depot-esque. As we are walking around I notice a big crowd around one of the endcaps. Of course I think samples, and head in that direction and Patrick heads off to find something. I am on my own. As I walk closer to the area I notice the crowds are thinning out,by the time I get to the endcap ( which happens to be a display of variously carved Jack O’Lanterns)I am alone. The worker who is running this display, suddenly appears with a large knife beside me . She is a tall thin woman who looks a bit on the crazy side,she smells as if she hasn’t bathed in a while. I guess we could call her unkempt.

She looks at me , then at the uncarved pumpkin on the display table.

” Well my dear tell me what you would like to do with it ?” She said in a very high pitched almost witch like voice.

I take the knife from her and walk up to the pumpkin,and begin to scratch a tentative design on the skin. The worker witch then stormed up behind me and grabbed the knife from me all the while screaming : NO !! NO!! NO !!THAT IS NOT THE WAY IT IS DONE!!!” Then she plunged the knife into the pumpkin all the way up to the handle, letting loose a torrent of blood from inside the pumpkin. I am talking Carrie at the high school dance amounts of blood were squirting out  all over me. That’s when I woke up. Actually, that’s when I sat up,in bed, gasping and holding my arms in front of my face.

                                                                       {{{{  End Dream Sequence }}}}

Patrick was just coming to bed at the time and saw what was going on. When I told him of my creepy nightmare he laughed for about 15 minutes before drifting off to sleep himself.

Yup, another one that will be permanently etched in the memory banks.

A Sucker Born Every Second

Patrick and I are most definitely impulse shoppers, no way around it .If you ever want to get rid of us for a few hours,take us to a mall with a Sharper Image or a Brookstones in it . When we go to the mall , or even Walmart or Target,we always end up with more than we came for in our buggies, it is,an inevitable fact of life. We have gotten better, we no longer shop beyond our means. A very important lesson to learn.But now onto our story:

We decided when we moved here that one major way to cut down on the bills was to not get a land line phone,and just go with our cells. Works out great, unless your cells are a piece of crap. We had just gotten Motorola razor phones about a year ago. In the space of a year Patrick has gone through 5 phones, yeah that’s right 5. Various reasons , that I won’t bore you with but it started to get a bit infuriating. So we decided that he should try a different model.

So we went to the mall and waltzed into the T-Mobile store, Patrick determined they were going to “give” him a new phone . Until we ran into a small, but costly, problem. Our contract was up, we were now month to month. And in case you didn’t know, you get nothing for free when you don’t have a contract. We had no bargaining chip, and were at their mercy.

After an hour of arguing deliberating with the “powers that be” we walked out of the store with not 1 but 2 new phones, and a brand new shiny 2 year contract with T-Mobile. Good thing we didn’t decide to go window shopping at the Mercedes dealership.

The Road to Happiness

I subscribe to a website that generates quotes on a weekly basis , and then asks questions about your life in regards to each particular quote. Kind of like a devotional reading, except they’re not religious quotes, just edifying ones. Here is the one for this week. I actually needed to read/hear this one , because I am not 100% happy about where I am in life at this point. Perhaps I am being to hard on myself but I digress. The quote for this week is by John D. Rockefeller III.

The road to happiness lies in two simple principles: Find what it is that interests you and that you can do well. And : When you find it , put your whole soul into it–every bit of energy, ambition and natural ability that you have.” 

As I reflected on this over the past two days I have begun to understand where my failings have been. Mostly apathy has draped itself over me like a new shirt, freshly pressed. It has overtaken almost everything I do. I am certain that both my home life and work life have been suffering because of this apathy. But now that I have diagnosed what is going on, I am taking great strides to inject more passion and thoughtfulness into everything I do. To ” put my whole soul” into the things I take the most pride in. I am good at what I do, and that is when I am gliding along in a state of apathy. Once my whole soul is applied there will be no stopping me. I have seen changes already, hopefully I will continue to see more and more progress as I travel down the road !  

Shake,Rattle and Roll

Right around 6:45 this morning Patrick and I were quite suddenly awakened by Lola jumping on the bed and growling and whining.At 7:08 an earthquake hit the Big Island and Maui. Weird how animals can sense that stuff. Now, I lived in San Jose  for 7 years so I am familiar with what to do and when to do it during an earthquake. However, of the 3 I felt in San Jose, one was a 3 ,one a 4.1 and the third a 4.7. The one that hit the Big Island and Maui today was a 6.6 with one aftershock reaching 5.8. No major damage was done on Maui, there were some reports of structural damage in parts of the Big Island. Only bad thing (beside all the shaking) on Maui was that the power went out all over the Island.

I do have to hand it to Police and fire teams, within 10 minutes of the power outage they were both out in force at most intersections acting as traffic regulators, things seemed to be running very smoothly as I made my way to work.

Although,no tsunami warnings were issued(tsunamis usually take a 7.1 or higher) seismologists are a bit concerned about the magnitude of the quake. They didn’t start to record quakes until the 60’s here and so far this was the largest at 6.6, most being relegated to the 4-4.8 rage.

Anyway, to recap, Earthquake,power outage all over Maui.We are all fine. See I told you I would let you guys know if something odd happened. There you have it .

It ain’t easy….

…….being a blogger sometimes. I mean really, look at the date of my last post Oct.7 th today is the 13th, almost a whole week of not even popping in with an update. Life is good just really boring at this point. Work is gearing up. I will soon be in the never see my home or my husband for days at a time routine, let alone my poor doggie.

Now I know that I said when I started this here thing that I was doing it ’cause I wanted to and I would post when I felt like it . All of that changed when , for some odd reason, people started reading and commenting on my blog. It then became fun. I have never been a post a day all week long blogger and I don’t think I will be, ever. Just that nothing is really going on in my life worthy of posting about . I thought my 4 post story would be entertaining , but alas, only 2 comments were posted.

On the other hand I was able to do some admin type stuff for the book club and found questions , and posted them to the book club blog. So I have not just been a slacker. And asked, once again for second recommendations( which I am sure are forthcoming). Patrick and I are trying to decide if we want to go to Lahaina this year for Halloween (billed as the Mardi Gras of the South Pacific) we went last year it was a blast. If we do go I have decided to go in drag, something that I have never done( okay, once when I was really bored on a week night in Bama). Patrick,Mr Impulse himself saw a guy with really cool hair extensions and decided he wanted some…….that night, as a matter of fact . When he told me he was getting them, I asked him where that came from . He said ” I have always wanted to try them.” My reply was “Okay , in 6 years you have never mentioned wanting to get hair extentions.” His answer was ” Well. I just realized today that I have always wanted them .”

 The guy came to our house and did them and they look kinda kooky but I would never tell him that. He asked me what I thought of them . I told him it was “not anything I would ever do but more power to him.” I also told him that now every time I look at his head I shake mine and think “Oh my god, what have you done ?” We both laughed at that one.

One of the many reasons I love me some Patrick. He does what he wants with no apologies, no regrets. Barring anything that would alter our relationship. I sometimes wish I was that courageous.

Anyway I think that is about it for me right now. I hope all of you Florida peeps that are hanging out this week end have a great time (YAY Pride) and that you all play well together. I am sure that something funny, stupid or just plain odd will happen in my life soon . And rest assured, that when it does , you will hear it here first .

Witty Words from Patrick

The other day at work a girl gave Patrick a plastic tiara with fake flowers to wear. He did wear it during his shift . Later on in the shift a guy, his wife and his Mother-in-Law came through Patrick’s line. The conversation went something like this:

 P=Patrick  G= guy in line

G- “You are wearing a crown”.

P-” No sir I am wearing a tiara, a crown is a fully enclosed circle.”

G- ” Why are you wearing it?”

P- “Because a friend of mine gave it to me , and I want to wear it.”

G- “Well I will tell you what , when I get home tonight I will pray for you.”

P- ” Why?So I can get a crown?”

G- “No,so that you can get salvation!”

P- “Well while you are praying for me can you ask if I might get a margarita soon? I could really use one right about now.”

I love my Patrick, He cracks me up !!!

The Perfect Storm 2

***This is the last installment of the story I started here.***

 The day we had decided to go out on the Ocean dawned crisp and clear, We had actually spent the night at “Randy’s” house so we could get an early start. We headed out , our destination was Ipswich, Mass. The area where the movie “The Perfect Storm” was filmed. A fact which both Patrick and “Randy” made perfectly clear to me. No doubt trying to freak me out a bit. We got to the beach with out incident, and put out into the water.

The first part of our trip was actually alot of fun, we were able to get some sun and just relax among good company. We were about 150 yards off the beach when the trip started being not so much fun. The sky went from full blue with little clouds to a deep dark grey color in less then 20 minutes. Thunder started to rumble. Then the rain began to fall and the sea started to get rough,really rough. As the cloud cover took over the sky it began to get chilly quickly. Patrick, who had gotten a bit too much sun was shivering and shaking due to sunburn. As the sea seemed to be unrelenting in this storm ‘Randy” decided to head into a stretch of beach we were gaining on to wait out the storm. The strip of beach was about 25 miles away from where the truck was parked.Oh yeah did I mention that all of our wallets and identification were left in the truck for safe keeping?? Well, they were.

By the time we reached the beach the storm was hitting full force. High winds , buckets and buckets of rain and thunder and lighting to beat the band. We pulled a blanket out of the boat and made a small shelter on the side of a sand dune to wait out the storm. Jeff Probst would have been proud. So we waited. Then we waited some more.By this time it was getting close to evening and the sky was getting darker and darker with no sign of the storm letting up. You see the problem with catamarans is they have no lights on them. It then became an issue of heading back to where the truck was parked before it got too dark. I was starting to get a bit freaked out by the whole thing.

We decided that even though the storm was howling we needed to get back to the beach where the truck was. We put back out into the water on a wing and a prayer that we would make it back safely. As we headed back out the waves were huge,at least 10’, and we were being thrown around with no direct course. “Randy” to his credit was doing the best he could with what he had.He was trying to navigate and steer the boat while Patrick and I laid huddled in the middle of the boat , so we didn’t get swept into the waves , or worse capsize the boat.

In the middle of our plight Patrick looked back at “Randy” and asked if we were going to make it. “Randy’s reply in a  shaken low voice was “Just keep your eyes on the shore and know where it is no matter what happens!” That was not a very comforting response. Eventually, and with no other mishaps, we made it back to the shore just as true night was falling. Yes, dear readers we all  survived. I will tell you that the experience I had on that day was the single most frightening thing that has ever happened to me …ever. Several days after the “event” we headed back to Portland. I have never been so happy to see my home than on our return from this “Vacation”.

So there you have it folks the whole story with no embellishment, it didn’t need any I think. Sorry if I bored all of my readers out there. I hope you enjoyed my tale of the worst vacation ever in the history of my life. 

*** This is Part 3 of our story, Parts 1&2 can be found below***

Because of the diverted flights from LA. the first day was a no go . Luckily I was working for the Double-Tree Hotel and we were able to get the employee rate at the Hotel in Seattle near the airport. After we did not get on the 2:45 p.m. flight we went and checked into the hotel . That night was spent drinking beer in the lounge and using the hot tub to get rid of the stiffness that comes from hanging out at the airport all day. We were placed on the “stand by list” the following day, and for the next three days. Oh, everything looked good when we reported to the airport. We were fairly high on the list at 7a.m. but people who worked for the airline that had more seniority than my friend kept showing up and we we dropped lower and lower on the list. This went on for 3 more days . We had now been stuck at the Seattle airport for 4 days. I only had 7 days of vacation left. Patrick and I decided to forget Maui by this point and just go “somewhere” so I could enjoy some vacation time.We had been keeping Suzy apprised(and the rest of patrick’s family who were already in Maui) of our situation. Next came the call to tell her we would not be able to make it.Everyone was very crushed ,they were all looking forward to seeing us and meeting me.

By the title of this post I guess you can figure out where we did end up going. Yup we went to Boston. Some other parts of Patrick’s family were not able to go to Maui either, so we were going to hang out with them.I got to meet His Father , one other sister and a brother(who,of course, all loved me).Upon check in to the flight to Boston we related the whole story of our plight to the airline employees. For all of our troubles we got upgraded to first class for our trip.When we arrived in Boston Patrick’s Dad was there to meet us and drive us to the family homestead in Alton , New Hampshire.

The next few days were restful and uneventful.That is until I met “Randy” Patrick’s best friend for many years. He owned a 10′ catamaran and we decided that before we left we would go out in it on the Atlantic. Just wait til you here how that went ….in my next installment. I promise the next installment is the last one. I hope I am not boring you all to tears. 

***This is part 2 of a story I started here ***

In the interim between getting our buddy passes and our actual trip we began to make our plans. For some reason,which escapes me at the moment we actually had to go to Seattle to take our flight to Maui. We decided to take the Greyhound bus from Portland to Seattle. The only problem with that was the only opening was on the 1 a.m. trip, we went ahead and agreed to take that bus. Let me digress for one moment …… if you ever find yourself with the option to take a Greyhound bus at 1 a.m. or another viable option DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT opt for the early morning bus. I think every freak and weirdo in the Portland metro area was on our bus,from the really stoned rocker dude , to the old lady that smelled like rotten hamburger. Also including as a special treat the guy with a cracked out miniature doberman pincher in a carrier under his seat. I tried to sleep but was disturbed by a vivid dream. In the dream the cracked out min pin had escaped from his carrier and had begun to snack on the lady that smelled like rotten meat.Eventually, we got to Seattle. Only to realize the Greyhound bus station was miles from the airport, and at 5 a.m. the cab drivers were no where to be found in downtown Seattle.

We finally found a covered area outside a hotel that had shuttle busses for a small fee to and from the airport. We took it. Finally we made it to the airport, we went to the airline we were taking and checked in. The nice lady we talked to again assured us that we would not have any problem getting on “a flight” to Maui that day, although it might not be the morning flight. The two flight times are marked in my memory banks in indelible ink 8:15 a.m. and 2:45 p.m. We began to get a little excited, and decided to get breakfast and a bloody mary to celebrate our immenent departure.

As we ate our breakfast and enjoyed our bloody mary’s an announcement came over the loudspeaker. Apparently for some reason unbeknownst to us 2 747’s were being diverted from L.A. to Seattle. Their destination? The Hawaiian Islands. No big deal we thought, after all, both my friend Nate and the Lady at the counter had both assured us that we would  be in the air by, worst case scenario 2:45p.m. . We saw no reason to doubt them. Until we got to the gate and went to check on the status of our seats. When we got up the next Great Lady of the airline we explained to her our dilemma. She confirmed that the 2 diverted planes may be an issue and we may have to wait for the following day , most likely a morning flight. She did need us to stay close to the gate just in case something “opened up” on the afternoon flight.So Patrick and I both hunkered down, for what would become the longest wait in our whole entire lives.