I love October. I always have. Fall is my favorite time of year. Not that I have seen a Fall in awhile.Maui, it seems, doesn’t have it. Unless you like to call a time of more rain Fall. Some of my favorite memories are of Fall. Raking leaves into huge piles and then jumping and rolling in them until it was time to burn them. The crisp scent of Fall stimulates the ole creative juices. The fact that it starts to get much cooler at night, sweater weather . I believe it is one of the things I miss the most about growing up in Bama.While I lived in  Portland I got to experience it again for a brief period. Fall in Portland was beautiful as well. Fall, the harbinger of the Holiday season, with its cardboard witches and pumpkin spice lattes. Gearing up for quality time with those you know the best and love the deepest.

I am kinda meloncholy about not being able to share the crisp autmnul air. Yeah, I know I am sure a lot of you are saying “dude you live in Maui ” I know I do and trust me I try not to take that for granted. It is this time of year, for some odd reason, that makes me miss my family the most. One good thing does take place here in the tropics during the fall and into the winter months, the migration of the whales. It is quite amazing to see how graceful the huge beasts are. The first time I actually saw a breach (when they jump out of the water) the tears were streaming from my eyes. Some might call me a wuss for that but I have always been partial to Marine life.

Anyway I am not really sure I had a point to this post other than to shed a little more light on who I am. And to vent a bit about missing Fall in all it’s glory. However the glory I will see here,albeit different, will still be amazing. Now go out and bag me some of that crisp Fall air and ship it over . 🙂