*** This is going to be a  pretty long story so I am going to break it into two possibly three posts we will see how long it actually is.***

Part 1- A little Back Story.

I have stated before that Patrick comes from a very large family. A grand total of 10 children graced his house.His Aunts and Uncles  were also quite prolific and cousins crawled out of the wood work as well. The one cousin that is a predominant figure in this story is one that I have gotten to love as a cousin myself. Lets call her Susy. At the time that I had met and begun dating Patrick Suzy and her family had lived here on Maui for about 10 years. About once every year /every other year Suzy and her husband had a grand event. Caterers, tents, live Bands parties of an fairly large scale. Because they lived in the South Pacific , and most of the family were still in the Boston area they planned these soirees when the largest amount of relatives could make it from the mainland, thus turning the parties into semi-reunions.

Now travel with me to Portland, Or. Patrick and I had only been dating a short time. We had been debating on a good way for me to meet the family. I knew one sister fairly well and had met another sister briefly. That left 7 still to be met. About this same time, Suzy had emailed Patrick about the return of the grand Party/reunion. It was to happen later that year, with enough time for Patrick and I to save enough money to get to Maui . This was going to be one sure way for me to meet the family members that Patrick wanted me to meet, as well as get to know the ones I knew a bit better. After a planning session  of how we were going to swing it on our budget( even from Portland tickets ain’t cheap).We got in contact with Suzy to tell her we were committed to being there(YAY!!!!!).

Now at this time I had a friend named, lets call him Nate. Nate worked for an airline as a gate agent. As Nate started spending time with Patrick and myself we shared with him the excitement we had about going to Maui as well as the concern of how we were going to afford it, and still pay rent and bills. After a couple of weeks had past I got a call from Nate saying that he had a way he could help us get to Maui. He then related to me the way that Airline ‘Buddy Passes ” work. Basically we gave him $150.00 and in return we got a stack of about 10 buddy passes. Depending on how many we actually used after our vacation, we would give him back passes and get some of our money back. Patrick, Nate and I met 3 nights after the call to handle the transaction. We met at a small gay restaurant in Portland . After a few cocktails and appetizers we gave Nate the cash and got our buddy passes in return. He assured us a stress-free and relaxing trip to Maui and wished that he could be going with us. I asked him as we got up to leave if there would be any problems, since neither Patrick nor I worked for the airline. He again assured us we were as good as on the beach in 6 weeks time.

The phrase “best laid plans of mice and men” comes to mind at this point ……………… tune in tomorrow for Part 2.