***This is part 2 of a story I started here ***

In the interim between getting our buddy passes and our actual trip we began to make our plans. For some reason,which escapes me at the moment we actually had to go to Seattle to take our flight to Maui. We decided to take the Greyhound bus from Portland to Seattle. The only problem with that was the only opening was on the 1 a.m. trip, we went ahead and agreed to take that bus. Let me digress for one moment …… if you ever find yourself with the option to take a Greyhound bus at 1 a.m. or another viable option DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT opt for the early morning bus. I think every freak and weirdo in the Portland metro area was on our bus,from the really stoned rocker dude , to the old lady that smelled like rotten hamburger. Also including as a special treat the guy with a cracked out miniature doberman pincher in a carrier under his seat. I tried to sleep but was disturbed by a vivid dream. In the dream the cracked out min pin had escaped from his carrier and had begun to snack on the lady that smelled like rotten meat.Eventually, we got to Seattle. Only to realize the Greyhound bus station was miles from the airport, and at 5 a.m. the cab drivers were no where to be found in downtown Seattle.

We finally found a covered area outside a hotel that had shuttle busses for a small fee to and from the airport. We took it. Finally we made it to the airport, we went to the airline we were taking and checked in. The nice lady we talked to again assured us that we would not have any problem getting on “a flight” to Maui that day, although it might not be the morning flight. The two flight times are marked in my memory banks in indelible ink 8:15 a.m. and 2:45 p.m. We began to get a little excited, and decided to get breakfast and a bloody mary to celebrate our immenent departure.

As we ate our breakfast and enjoyed our bloody mary’s an announcement came over the loudspeaker. Apparently for some reason unbeknownst to us 2 747’s were being diverted from L.A. to Seattle. Their destination? The Hawaiian Islands. No big deal we thought, after all, both my friend Nate and the Lady at the counter had both assured us that we would  be in the air by, worst case scenario 2:45p.m. . We saw no reason to doubt them. Until we got to the gate and went to check on the status of our seats. When we got up the next Great Lady of the airline we explained to her our dilemma. She confirmed that the 2 diverted planes may be an issue and we may have to wait for the following day , most likely a morning flight. She did need us to stay close to the gate just in case something “opened up” on the afternoon flight.So Patrick and I both hunkered down, for what would become the longest wait in our whole entire lives.