*** This is Part 3 of our story, Parts 1&2 can be found below***

Because of the diverted flights from LA. the first day was a no go . Luckily I was working for the Double-Tree Hotel and we were able to get the employee rate at the Hotel in Seattle near the airport. After we did not get on the 2:45 p.m. flight we went and checked into the hotel . That night was spent drinking beer in the lounge and using the hot tub to get rid of the stiffness that comes from hanging out at the airport all day. We were placed on the “stand by list” the following day, and for the next three days. Oh, everything looked good when we reported to the airport. We were fairly high on the list at 7a.m. but people who worked for the airline that had more seniority than my friend kept showing up and we we dropped lower and lower on the list. This went on for 3 more days . We had now been stuck at the Seattle airport for 4 days. I only had 7 days of vacation left. Patrick and I decided to forget Maui by this point and just go “somewhere” so I could enjoy some vacation time.We had been keeping Suzy apprised(and the rest of patrick’s family who were already in Maui) of our situation. Next came the call to tell her we would not be able to make it.Everyone was very crushed ,they were all looking forward to seeing us and meeting me.

By the title of this post I guess you can figure out where we did end up going. Yup we went to Boston. Some other parts of Patrick’s family were not able to go to Maui either, so we were going to hang out with them.I got to meet His Father , one other sister and a brother(who,of course, all loved me).Upon check in to the flight to Boston we related the whole story of our plight to the airline employees. For all of our troubles we got upgraded to first class for our trip.When we arrived in Boston Patrick’s Dad was there to meet us and drive us to the family homestead in Alton , New Hampshire.

The next few days were restful and uneventful.That is until I met “Randy” Patrick’s best friend for many years. He owned a 10′ catamaran and we decided that before we left we would go out in it on the Atlantic. Just wait til you here how that went ….in my next installment. I promise the next installment is the last one. I hope I am not boring you all to tears.