***This is the last installment of the story I started here.***

 The day we had decided to go out on the Ocean dawned crisp and clear, We had actually spent the night at “Randy’s” house so we could get an early start. We headed out , our destination was Ipswich, Mass. The area where the movie “The Perfect Storm” was filmed. A fact which both Patrick and “Randy” made perfectly clear to me. No doubt trying to freak me out a bit. We got to the beach with out incident, and put out into the water.

The first part of our trip was actually alot of fun, we were able to get some sun and just relax among good company. We were about 150 yards off the beach when the trip started being not so much fun. The sky went from full blue with little clouds to a deep dark grey color in less then 20 minutes. Thunder started to rumble. Then the rain began to fall and the sea started to get rough,really rough. As the cloud cover took over the sky it began to get chilly quickly. Patrick, who had gotten a bit too much sun was shivering and shaking due to sunburn. As the sea seemed to be unrelenting in this storm ‘Randy” decided to head into a stretch of beach we were gaining on to wait out the storm. The strip of beach was about 25 miles away from where the truck was parked.Oh yeah did I mention that all of our wallets and identification were left in the truck for safe keeping?? Well, they were.

By the time we reached the beach the storm was hitting full force. High winds , buckets and buckets of rain and thunder and lighting to beat the band. We pulled a blanket out of the boat and made a small shelter on the side of a sand dune to wait out the storm. Jeff Probst would have been proud. So we waited. Then we waited some more.By this time it was getting close to evening and the sky was getting darker and darker with no sign of the storm letting up. You see the problem with catamarans is they have no lights on them. It then became an issue of heading back to where the truck was parked before it got too dark. I was starting to get a bit freaked out by the whole thing.

We decided that even though the storm was howling we needed to get back to the beach where the truck was. We put back out into the water on a wing and a prayer that we would make it back safely. As we headed back out the waves were huge,at least 10’, and we were being thrown around with no direct course. “Randy” to his credit was doing the best he could with what he had.He was trying to navigate and steer the boat while Patrick and I laid huddled in the middle of the boat , so we didn’t get swept into the waves , or worse capsize the boat.

In the middle of our plight Patrick looked back at “Randy” and asked if we were going to make it. “Randy’s reply in a  shaken low voice was “Just keep your eyes on the shore and know where it is no matter what happens!” That was not a very comforting response. Eventually, and with no other mishaps, we made it back to the shore just as true night was falling. Yes, dear readers we all  survived. I will tell you that the experience I had on that day was the single most frightening thing that has ever happened to me …ever. Several days after the “event” we headed back to Portland. I have never been so happy to see my home than on our return from this “Vacation”.

So there you have it folks the whole story with no embellishment, it didn’t need any I think. Sorry if I bored all of my readers out there. I hope you enjoyed my tale of the worst vacation ever in the history of my life.