The other day at work a girl gave Patrick a plastic tiara with fake flowers to wear. He did wear it during his shift . Later on in the shift a guy, his wife and his Mother-in-Law came through Patrick’s line. The conversation went something like this:

 P=Patrick  G= guy in line

G- “You are wearing a crown”.

P-” No sir I am wearing a tiara, a crown is a fully enclosed circle.”

G- ” Why are you wearing it?”

P- “Because a friend of mine gave it to me , and I want to wear it.”

G- “Well I will tell you what , when I get home tonight I will pray for you.”

P- ” Why?So I can get a crown?”

G- “No,so that you can get salvation!”

P- “Well while you are praying for me can you ask if I might get a margarita soon? I could really use one right about now.”

I love my Patrick, He cracks me up !!!