…….being a blogger sometimes. I mean really, look at the date of my last post Oct.7 th today is the 13th, almost a whole week of not even popping in with an update. Life is good just really boring at this point. Work is gearing up. I will soon be in the never see my home or my husband for days at a time routine, let alone my poor doggie.

Now I know that I said when I started this here thing that I was doing it ’cause I wanted to and I would post when I felt like it . All of that changed when , for some odd reason, people started reading and commenting on my blog. It then became fun. I have never been a post a day all week long blogger and I don’t think I will be, ever. Just that nothing is really going on in my life worthy of posting about . I thought my 4 post story would be entertaining , but alas, only 2 comments were posted.

On the other hand I was able to do some admin type stuff for the book club and found questions , and posted them to the book club blog. So I have not just been a slacker. And asked, once again for second recommendations( which I am sure are forthcoming). Patrick and I are trying to decide if we want to go to Lahaina this year for Halloween (billed as the Mardi Gras of the South Pacific) we went last year it was a blast. If we do go I have decided to go in drag, something that I have never done( okay, once when I was really bored on a week night in Bama). Patrick,Mr Impulse himself saw a guy with really cool hair extensions and decided he wanted some…….that night, as a matter of fact . When he told me he was getting them, I asked him where that came from . He said ” I have always wanted to try them.” My reply was “Okay , in 6 years you have never mentioned wanting to get hair extentions.” His answer was ” Well. I just realized today that I have always wanted them .”

 The guy came to our house and did them and they look kinda kooky but I would never tell him that. He asked me what I thought of them . I told him it was “not anything I would ever do but more power to him.” I also told him that now every time I look at his head I shake mine and think “Oh my god, what have you done ?” We both laughed at that one.

One of the many reasons I love me some Patrick. He does what he wants with no apologies, no regrets. Barring anything that would alter our relationship. I sometimes wish I was that courageous.

Anyway I think that is about it for me right now. I hope all of you Florida peeps that are hanging out this week end have a great time (YAY Pride) and that you all play well together. I am sure that something funny, stupid or just plain odd will happen in my life soon . And rest assured, that when it does , you will hear it here first .