Right around 6:45 this morning Patrick and I were quite suddenly awakened by Lola jumping on the bed and growling and whining.At 7:08 an earthquake hit the Big Island and Maui. Weird how animals can sense that stuff. Now, I lived in San Jose  for 7 years so I am familiar with what to do and when to do it during an earthquake. However, of the 3 I felt in San Jose, one was a 3 ,one a 4.1 and the third a 4.7. The one that hit the Big Island and Maui today was a 6.6 with one aftershock reaching 5.8. No major damage was done on Maui, there were some reports of structural damage in parts of the Big Island. Only bad thing (beside all the shaking) on Maui was that the power went out all over the Island.

I do have to hand it to Police and fire teams, within 10 minutes of the power outage they were both out in force at most intersections acting as traffic regulators, things seemed to be running very smoothly as I made my way to work.

Although,no tsunami warnings were issued(tsunamis usually take a 7.1 or higher) seismologists are a bit concerned about the magnitude of the quake. They didn’t start to record quakes until the 60’s here and so far this was the largest at 6.6, most being relegated to the 4-4.8 rage.

Anyway, to recap, Earthquake,power outage all over Maui.We are all fine. See I told you I would let you guys know if something odd happened. There you have it .