Patrick and I are most definitely impulse shoppers, no way around it .If you ever want to get rid of us for a few hours,take us to a mall with a Sharper Image or a Brookstones in it . When we go to the mall , or even Walmart or Target,we always end up with more than we came for in our buggies, it is,an inevitable fact of life. We have gotten better, we no longer shop beyond our means. A very important lesson to learn.But now onto our story:

We decided when we moved here that one major way to cut down on the bills was to not get a land line phone,and just go with our cells. Works out great, unless your cells are a piece of crap. We had just gotten Motorola razor phones about a year ago. In the space of a year Patrick has gone through 5 phones, yeah that’s right 5. Various reasons , that I won’t bore you with but it started to get a bit infuriating. So we decided that he should try a different model.

So we went to the mall and waltzed into the T-Mobile store, Patrick determined they were going to “give” him a new phone . Until we ran into a small, but costly, problem. Our contract was up, we were now month to month. And in case you didn’t know, you get nothing for free when you don’t have a contract. We had no bargaining chip, and were at their mercy.

After an hour of arguing deliberating with the “powers that be” we walked out of the store with not 1 but 2 new phones, and a brand new shiny 2 year contract with T-Mobile. Good thing we didn’t decide to go window shopping at the Mercedes dealership.