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I think that I have made it known here, on the blog, how I can’t remember dreams very well.I mention the two that I vividly remember from childhood here. Well last night I had another one that will be with me for a while. I blame it all on Mr. Jack O’Lantern.

The Dream :

 {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{ everything blurs and there is harp music in the back ground }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

Patrick and I are in some sort of warehouse type shopping place, ie; Costco, Home Depot-esque. As we are walking around I notice a big crowd around one of the endcaps. Of course I think samples, and head in that direction and Patrick heads off to find something. I am on my own. As I walk closer to the area I notice the crowds are thinning out,by the time I get to the endcap ( which happens to be a display of variously carved Jack O’Lanterns)I am alone. The worker who is running this display, suddenly appears with a large knife beside me . She is a tall thin woman who looks a bit on the crazy side,she smells as if she hasn’t bathed in a while. I guess we could call her unkempt.

She looks at me , then at the uncarved pumpkin on the display table.

” Well my dear tell me what you would like to do with it ?” She said in a very high pitched almost witch like voice.

I take the knife from her and walk up to the pumpkin,and begin to scratch a tentative design on the skin. The worker witch then stormed up behind me and grabbed the knife from me all the while screaming : NO !! NO!! NO !!THAT IS NOT THE WAY IT IS DONE!!!” Then she plunged the knife into the pumpkin all the way up to the handle, letting loose a torrent of blood from inside the pumpkin. I am talking Carrie at the high school dance amounts of blood were squirting out  all over me. That’s when I woke up. Actually, that’s when I sat up,in bed, gasping and holding my arms in front of my face.

                                                                       {{{{  End Dream Sequence }}}}

Patrick was just coming to bed at the time and saw what was going on. When I told him of my creepy nightmare he laughed for about 15 minutes before drifting off to sleep himself.

Yup, another one that will be permanently etched in the memory banks.