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One Sick Puppy

……well not puppy exactly but still. Lola is not okay. Well she IS okay but we found out at her Vet trip on Wednesday that she is allergic to alot of things. We are now beginning the process of what it is that she might be allergic to . We have been noticing lately that she is always scratching,or chewing on herself and constantly licking her paws. Some areas on her legs she has actually chewed raw spots.The first thing the Vet checked for was Mange and fleas, of which there were no sign of either.He then took a small scraping of her skin to use for further testing.

 Kinda sad,I am sure you pet owners know what I am talking about. The Vet gave us a new dog food to try with Duck and Venison, but she is not allowed ANY treats at all,or table scraps until we figure out what the inciting allergen is.

She also has a bit of build up by her eardrums and has been scratching at her ears for awhile. The Vet said that she has not punctured her ear drums which is a good thing, alot of dogs do that unknowingly and then they become deaf. So now we have ear drops, three different pills that have very confusing dosing schedules, and 2 new dog foods one dry for her normal food and a new type of canned stuff to substitute as treats. Please send some good thoughts and Karma her way,she could use it,her daddies could too. The hardest part for us is gonna be the treats and table scraps, but whatever it takes to get to the underlying issues, we will, of course do. She is, after all, the only princess in the family.Except,of course, for Patrick but that is a whole other post, and something which I don’t think needs repeating .    


Bad Mojo


I am fairly sure many of us remember the episode of The Brady Bunch where Mike,Carol and the kids all go to Hawaii. I think it was Peter but it may have been Bobby who found the Tiki God when they were in the cave ( where they were not supposed to be in the first place). A series of unfortunate events then took place, if you recall. While I am not a very superstitious person I do heartily believe in a spiritual realm where good and bad things can and do happen. I said that to say this. Hawaii is very steeped in spirituality and native culture, one of the major reasons I love living here. It is kinda like not even being in the U.S. if you really get into learning about the Hawaiian culture.

Since we have lived here, we have learned quite a few really interesting facts. One of those fact is that it is bad Mojo to take items from the islands. Not all items,those that you buy at the local tourist traps shops are fine, they have been prayed over and blessed by locals for travel. However, lets say that you are on the beach and you see a beautiful piece of driftwood, or a unique shell. Perhaps you go to the red sand beach in Hana and grab a handful of sand there to take home with you , that is where you get into shaky territory.  

It really is kind of weird , but every once in awhile there will  be stories , special interest pieces, about how many items are returned, because bad things started to happen once the traveler got home. Not so much to Maui but on Oahu, and on the big island things are returned alot. And since folk are returning things and they hardly ever know the address of where they stayed , they just address it to say Maui. When they do that it sits at the post office, for a long time, until some locals will collect them and offer them all back to the island. Now trust me I know this all seems far fetched, but it does happen. After said item is returned most tourists tend to have better things happen, like their string of bad luck has finally been broken.

Patrick has a sister who has been here a few times but had never heard this tale. One day while Patrick was talking to her as she was relating her tales of woe. He had a feeling that he should ask her if she had taken anything off of the beach during her last visit here. She said that she had , she took some black sand from one of the beaches in Hana. Patrick then related the above tale to her , and offered to dispose of it if she would send it to us, which she did post haste.

A couple of days after the sand had gotten here, Patrick decided to go and release it back to the island. He went to one of our favorite beaches. It has a protected cove with a sand bar so it is relatively calm with no major waves. We went there alot after I shattered my knee , so I could actually get in the water. Patrick said a little prayer to the island/gods, explaining what had happened and to please forgive his sister.He had no idea what he was doing really but said it just felt right. The ocean that day was very calm with hardly a wave to be seen,almost glass like. After he had finished his prayer he poured the sand into the water. About 2 minutes after the sand was placed in the water Patrick was soaked by a lone huge wave . Now you can call that coincidence all you want , all I know is that his sisters run of bad luck started to loose steam shortly after the sand left her house.

” Thanks”Giving

I saw some other folks around the blogosphere doing this for Thursday so I thought I would jump on the ol’ bandwagon and write a list for you all to peruse.

Things I am Thankful for in 2006:

* That I have a life partner/Husband who still lights up the room for me every time he enters.

* For an ever faithful, loyal companion and daughter known as Lola.

* That despite little twinges and spasms we still both have our health.

* For this blog , because it has given me the chance to” meet ” some awesome folks.

* For my family, the one I was born into as well as the one here in Maui.

* For the ability to form friendships even though I am around 3,000 miles away from most of you.

*For the fact that the big D  run the House and Senate.

* For learning alot about myself and the way I tick this past year, and the ability to change the things about my life that have not been that great.

* For refinding 3 people that are very close to me, old friendships renewed.

*For being given a chance to live in a gorgeous tropical paradise.

There are more things that I can put on the list but I think That sums up the major portion. Lets just say that I have a very Thankful and Grateful heart as we go into this, the end of another year.

……… Lola ( well after all she is a woman…….a female) Patrick is doing some part time work for some friends who own a doggie boutique . The store is really cute with all different kinds of upscale pet paraphernalia. One of the things they have in the store are Doggles, or sun glasses made for the dogs in your life . Theyactually are quite cool and have different styles, some not far removed from a pair of sunglasses either you or I would wear. Many of them even have UV protection . Patrick is dying to buy a pair for Lola, after he has been there awhile . He is working for Barter/trade off, items from the store for the hours he works.

One of the perks of working at the boutique is that on the days that the owners don’t bring their dogs. Patrick is allowed to bring Lola ( Yup she has become a member of the working class) Working class dog get it ….LOL ….. at least I crack myself up,but I digress……

The other day Patrick took Lola with him. At some point during their day a customer was interested in the Doggles. Patrick, being the salesman that he is, offered to have Lola model a pair for them. The customer picked out the pair he liked for his dog. Patrick then showed him, using Lola as a model, how to put them around the dogs ears. Patrick later related to me that no sooner had he had them securely fasten on Lola’s head,she turned around and walked over to the mirror they have in the store. She then looked at herself and smiled a huge doggie smile, then returned to Patrick’s side. Patrick told me he thought he had imagined the whole scenario, Lola being our little “girl”. When Lola returned to Patrick, the customer looked at Patrick and said,  “Dude, your dog just walked over to the mirror, looked at herself, and smiled.” Patrick smiled and replied, “Yeah I thought that was what just happened as well.” Needless to say the customer bought not 1 but 2 pair of Doggles. Seems as though Patrick and Lola should work together at the local Mercedes dealership, apparently they make a great sales team.  🙂

Welcome to the Big Folks Table !



One of my earliest memories of family holidays was the segregation,if you will, of the children from the adults. I have a very large extended family and really there was no way for us all to eat together when the clans all gathered for the holiday meals. I actually loved the kids table we,as a group, were much more fun. All of our different families of Aunts, Uncles and cousins were a tight knit group, so the kids table was more like eating with friends than family. I can not recount how many times we were told to “stop fooling around and eat our dinner”.

But of course, as they tend to do ,the years rolled by, and I found myself as a young teen ager no longer having a place at the kids table anymore. I remember looking wistfully over at the new generation of people at the kids table, and thinking they are not having half as much fun as my group had . Of course by that time my group had all advanced to the Big Table so it wasn’t much different , just less scoldings. Then our family moved to the South and the whole concept of kids and adults being separate became a mute point.We had a table that could sit 10 people comfortably.

Eventually the Kids Table came back into play as my sisters started having their own families. It was comforting to see my neices and nephews stepping into their places at our family tradition.Yes, it was good to see the kids table emerge from a sea of memories. As I have grown older and far from my family I look back and smile, I have a great family and am blessed with 3 nieces and 7 nephews. Yeah we have problems, like any family, but when those two tables are arranged and the group starts to gather those are all set aside, if only for the amount of time it takes for the turkey to become a carcass.

I wish to send a special thought to all those who read my blog. I hope that this Thursday finds you surrounded by all of the people that you enjoy the most and love the deepest.The family that you were born into or a family made from the heart. However you spend your Thanksgiving day know that warmest wishes and Happy thoughts are flying from Maui to each and every one of you . It truly is an honor to have “met” all of my regular readers and hope to remain in contact with you all for a long time. Perhaps sometime in the not too distant future some of us can share a holiday meal at the Big Folks Table !! 

Feel Free to Laugh all you want

cd.jpg….But I have never burned a cd. Heck the first time I ever heard of burning a cd was in an IM message from a friend of mine back when I lived in San Jose. He was signing off and he said goodbye and told me he was going to burn some cds. I had no idea what he was talking about until the next time I saw him at our local Starbuck’s. I asked him what the heck he was doing burning cds, if he didn’t want them anymore he should give them to me. Needless to say he laughed, very loud, for a very long time. I then asked for clarification on this whole “burning process”. Until now , however I have never done one of my own.

That in itself is kinda weird since, when ordering our computer I asked to have the CD burner installed. I guess I just never got “around to it” but this week on my 2 days off I downloaded a site that has over 2 million songs to download and burn legally!!! The only draw back so far has been Patrick asking me to come away from the computer and spend some time with him. Which, of course, is no draw back at all seeing as I love the man. The problem therefore is going to be where to start downloading ????? Sheeeesh, I love soo many different types and artists, my musical tastes are very eclectic . They run the whole gambit from Acid Jazz to House and Dance music. I can see myself sitting there for hours perusing all the different tracks to download, of course I will have to do it when Patrick is not around . On second thought I can do it at night!! Sleep is highly overrated.

Thought to Ponder


Back when I was in College I took a basic Psychology class, and loved it . It was cool learning about something in the morning and then seeing it played out later that day or during the week. A type of confirmation that my professor actually knew what the heck she was talking about. One of the theories I actually saw a lot of was that of perception -vs – reality . I was taught in class that what a person percieves as their reality, basically was their reality. I thought that was a cool concept but didn’t really adhere to it . Until I saw it over and over again.

Working in the hospitality field as a manager , I have had many chances to see this in effect. Whenever I have had to bring an employee into my office to “have a talk”this always came to mind . Because soon after they would leave my office I would 9 out of 10 times overhear them telling another employee that they had just “gotten yelled at”. Now, I am not a yeller , never have been , most likely never will be, especially in a working environment. It just isn’t professional. Often I have been stopped by the employee during one of our meetings and they say to me ” you don’t have to yell at me.” Even if my voice has not moved one decibel louder than a normal speaking voice. So it seems that this whole perception/reality thing really is a valid one . Now if I could only perceive 1 million dollars into my bank account, that would be awesome !  🙂 

Drama Free Zone

I am a relatively calm person . I don’t get upset easily, and when I do, I retreat rather that speak out. I relish the fact that I have had a (mostly) drama free life. I said all this for a reason. Patrick seems to attract drama, not a lot, and not usually his fault. Is there such a thing as drama by proximity ?

If so then that is what we have . Most of his stuff lately has come from his work places. You all have heard the story of the guy that took over his job and then pretty much forced him to quit. Well ladies and gents the drama fairy has found him at his new job. I can’t really go into details here but, this time is a bit worse. I have mentioned that he works in a health food store. The drama that he is surrounded by now has even made it uncomfortable for him to go in just to shop. Granted there are a bunch of freaking “kids ” working with him and many of them are gossip hounds , so I knew that it was just a matter of time . But it really upsets Patrick having to deal with this crap on a daily basis.

The reason for this post, therefore , is to proclaim to the gods of all things drama, that we are now declaring a drama free zone around the life of my partner, friend, heart. DRAMA you have been warned ………..

 On a brighter note, a friend of ours is “surprising” us with a 4 day get away in December from the 20- the 24th . It wouldn’t be that big of a deal except that my workplace is usually the kind of place that you CAN NOT get away from especially the week of Christmas. However, my time has already been approved !!! 4 whole days on the Big Island. We will actually be staying in Kona. So for my birthday I may even get to swim with dolphins. That would make me a  happy man. Yes , a happy man indeed !

Notes from a (Boring) Life

Yeah I guess you can tell by my title that there is pretty much nothing going on in my life right now. Except work, this is the time of year when I see Patrick and Lola maybe 2-3 hours a day total. While it sucks for me alot, it really affects Patrick badly, he hates it . Usually by the time I get home from work I am ready to go to bed. I do,however, make it a point to hang out with him for awhile before going to bed . Then I see him again in the morning when I wake him up to say good bye….rinse…repeat. One good thing does come out of it though we really do enjoy our time together(when we get it) a lot more . When I took this job I insisted that I have at least 1 day off with him, we make the best of that day, and for the most part we have great days off together. 

Anyway , just thought I would check in. While looking at my archives I saw that I hadn’t posted for November yet. There it is just another glimpse into my world. For what it’s worth. Hope you enjoyed .