I am a relatively calm person . I don’t get upset easily, and when I do, I retreat rather that speak out. I relish the fact that I have had a (mostly) drama free life. I said all this for a reason. Patrick seems to attract drama, not a lot, and not usually his fault. Is there such a thing as drama by proximity ?

If so then that is what we have . Most of his stuff lately has come from his work places. You all have heard the story of the guy that took over his job and then pretty much forced him to quit. Well ladies and gents the drama fairy has found him at his new job. I can’t really go into details here but, this time is a bit worse. I have mentioned that he works in a health food store. The drama that he is surrounded by now has even made it uncomfortable for him to go in just to shop. Granted there are a bunch of freaking “kids ” working with him and many of them are gossip hounds , so I knew that it was just a matter of time . But it really upsets Patrick having to deal with this crap on a daily basis.

The reason for this post, therefore , is to proclaim to the gods of all things drama, that we are now declaring a drama free zone around the life of my partner, friend, heart. DRAMA you have been warned ………..

 On a brighter note, a friend of ours is “surprising” us with a 4 day get away in December from the 20- the 24th . It wouldn’t be that big of a deal except that my workplace is usually the kind of place that you CAN NOT get away from especially the week of Christmas. However, my time has already been approved !!! 4 whole days on the Big Island. We will actually be staying in Kona. So for my birthday I may even get to swim with dolphins. That would make me a  happy man. Yes , a happy man indeed !