Back when I was in College I took a basic Psychology class, and loved it . It was cool learning about something in the morning and then seeing it played out later that day or during the week. A type of confirmation that my professor actually knew what the heck she was talking about. One of the theories I actually saw a lot of was that of perception -vs – reality . I was taught in class that what a person percieves as their reality, basically was their reality. I thought that was a cool concept but didn’t really adhere to it . Until I saw it over and over again.

Working in the hospitality field as a manager , I have had many chances to see this in effect. Whenever I have had to bring an employee into my office to “have a talk”this always came to mind . Because soon after they would leave my office I would 9 out of 10 times overhear them telling another employee that they had just “gotten yelled at”. Now, I am not a yeller , never have been , most likely never will be, especially in a working environment. It just isn’t professional. Often I have been stopped by the employee during one of our meetings and they say to me ” you don’t have to yell at me.” Even if my voice has not moved one decibel louder than a normal speaking voice. So it seems that this whole perception/reality thing really is a valid one . Now if I could only perceive 1 million dollars into my bank account, that would be awesome !  🙂