cd.jpg….But I have never burned a cd. Heck the first time I ever heard of burning a cd was in an IM message from a friend of mine back when I lived in San Jose. He was signing off and he said goodbye and told me he was going to burn some cds. I had no idea what he was talking about until the next time I saw him at our local Starbuck’s. I asked him what the heck he was doing burning cds, if he didn’t want them anymore he should give them to me. Needless to say he laughed, very loud, for a very long time. I then asked for clarification on this whole “burning process”. Until now , however I have never done one of my own.

That in itself is kinda weird since, when ordering our computer I asked to have the CD burner installed. I guess I just never got “around to it” but this week on my 2 days off I downloaded a site that has over 2 million songs to download and burn legally!!! The only draw back so far has been Patrick asking me to come away from the computer and spend some time with him. Which, of course, is no draw back at all seeing as I love the man. The problem therefore is going to be where to start downloading ????? Sheeeesh, I love soo many different types and artists, my musical tastes are very eclectic . They run the whole gambit from Acid Jazz to House and Dance music. I can see myself sitting there for hours perusing all the different tracks to download, of course I will have to do it when Patrick is not around . On second thought I can do it at night!! Sleep is highly overrated.