One of my earliest memories of family holidays was the segregation,if you will, of the children from the adults. I have a very large extended family and really there was no way for us all to eat together when the clans all gathered for the holiday meals. I actually loved the kids table we,as a group, were much more fun. All of our different families of Aunts, Uncles and cousins were a tight knit group, so the kids table was more like eating with friends than family. I can not recount how many times we were told to “stop fooling around and eat our dinner”.

But of course, as they tend to do ,the years rolled by, and I found myself as a young teen ager no longer having a place at the kids table anymore. I remember looking wistfully over at the new generation of people at the kids table, and thinking they are not having half as much fun as my group had . Of course by that time my group had all advanced to the Big Table so it wasn’t much different , just less scoldings. Then our family moved to the South and the whole concept of kids and adults being separate became a mute point.We had a table that could sit 10 people comfortably.

Eventually the Kids Table came back into play as my sisters started having their own families. It was comforting to see my neices and nephews stepping into their places at our family tradition.Yes, it was good to see the kids table emerge from a sea of memories. As I have grown older and far from my family I look back and smile, I have a great family and am blessed with 3 nieces and 7 nephews. Yeah we have problems, like any family, but when those two tables are arranged and the group starts to gather those are all set aside, if only for the amount of time it takes for the turkey to become a carcass.

I wish to send a special thought to all those who read my blog. I hope that this Thursday finds you surrounded by all of the people that you enjoy the most and love the deepest.The family that you were born into or a family made from the heart. However you spend your Thanksgiving day know that warmest wishes and Happy thoughts are flying from Maui to each and every one of you . It truly is an honor to have “met” all of my regular readers and hope to remain in contact with you all for a long time. Perhaps sometime in the not too distant future some of us can share a holiday meal at the Big Folks Table !!