I saw some other folks around the blogosphere doing this for Thursday so I thought I would jump on the ol’ bandwagon and write a list for you all to peruse.

Things I am Thankful for in 2006:

* That I have a life partner/Husband who still lights up the room for me every time he enters.

* For an ever faithful, loyal companion and daughter known as Lola.

* That despite little twinges and spasms we still both have our health.

* For this blog , because it has given me the chance to” meet ” some awesome folks.

* For my family, the one I was born into as well as the one here in Maui.

* For the ability to form friendships even though I am around 3,000 miles away from most of you.

*For the fact that the big D  run the House and Senate.

* For learning alot about myself and the way I tick this past year, and the ability to change the things about my life that have not been that great.

* For refinding 3 people that are very close to me, old friendships renewed.

*For being given a chance to live in a gorgeous tropical paradise.

There are more things that I can put on the list but I think That sums up the major portion. Lets just say that I have a very Thankful and Grateful heart as we go into this, the end of another year.