……… Lola ( well after all she is a woman…..er….a female) Patrick is doing some part time work for some friends who own a doggie boutique . The store is really cute with all different kinds of upscale pet paraphernalia. One of the things they have in the store are Doggles, or sun glasses made for the dogs in your life . Theyactually are quite cool and have different styles, some not far removed from a pair of sunglasses either you or I would wear. Many of them even have UV protection . Patrick is dying to buy a pair for Lola, after he has been there awhile . He is working for Barter/trade off, items from the store for the hours he works.

One of the perks of working at the boutique is that on the days that the owners don’t bring their dogs. Patrick is allowed to bring Lola ( Yup she has become a member of the working class) Working class dog get it ….LOL ….. at least I crack myself up,but I digress……

The other day Patrick took Lola with him. At some point during their day a customer was interested in the Doggles. Patrick, being the salesman that he is, offered to have Lola model a pair for them. The customer picked out the pair he liked for his dog. Patrick then showed him, using Lola as a model, how to put them around the dogs ears. Patrick later related to me that no sooner had he had them securely fasten on Lola’s head,she turned around and walked over to the mirror they have in the store. She then looked at herself and smiled a huge doggie smile, then returned to Patrick’s side. Patrick told me he thought he had imagined the whole scenario, Lola being our little “girl”. When Lola returned to Patrick, the customer looked at Patrick and said,  “Dude, your dog just walked over to the mirror, looked at herself, and smiled.” Patrick smiled and replied, “Yeah I thought that was what just happened as well.” Needless to say the customer bought not 1 but 2 pair of Doggles. Seems as though Patrick and Lola should work together at the local Mercedes dealership, apparently they make a great sales team.  🙂