I am fairly sure many of us remember the episode of The Brady Bunch where Mike,Carol and the kids all go to Hawaii. I think it was Peter but it may have been Bobby who found the Tiki God when they were in the cave ( where they were not supposed to be in the first place). A series of unfortunate events then took place, if you recall. While I am not a very superstitious person I do heartily believe in a spiritual realm where good and bad things can and do happen. I said that to say this. Hawaii is very steeped in spirituality and native culture, one of the major reasons I love living here. It is kinda like not even being in the U.S. if you really get into learning about the Hawaiian culture.

Since we have lived here, we have learned quite a few really interesting facts. One of those fact is that it is bad Mojo to take items from the islands. Not all items,those that you buy at the local tourist traps shops are fine, they have been prayed over and blessed by locals for travel. However, lets say that you are on the beach and you see a beautiful piece of driftwood, or a unique shell. Perhaps you go to the red sand beach in Hana and grab a handful of sand there to take home with you , that is where you get into shaky territory.  

It really is kind of weird , but every once in awhile there will  be stories , special interest pieces, about how many items are returned, because bad things started to happen once the traveler got home. Not so much to Maui but on Oahu, and on the big island things are returned alot. And since folk are returning things and they hardly ever know the address of where they stayed , they just address it to say Maui. When they do that it sits at the post office, for a long time, until some locals will collect them and offer them all back to the island. Now trust me I know this all seems far fetched, but it does happen. After said item is returned most tourists tend to have better things happen, like their string of bad luck has finally been broken.

Patrick has a sister who has been here a few times but had never heard this tale. One day while Patrick was talking to her as she was relating her tales of woe. He had a feeling that he should ask her if she had taken anything off of the beach during her last visit here. She said that she had , she took some black sand from one of the beaches in Hana. Patrick then related the above tale to her , and offered to dispose of it if she would send it to us, which she did post haste.

A couple of days after the sand had gotten here, Patrick decided to go and release it back to the island. He went to one of our favorite beaches. It has a protected cove with a sand bar so it is relatively calm with no major waves. We went there alot after I shattered my knee , so I could actually get in the water. Patrick said a little prayer to the island/gods, explaining what had happened and to please forgive his sister.He had no idea what he was doing really but said it just felt right. The ocean that day was very calm with hardly a wave to be seen,almost glass like. After he had finished his prayer he poured the sand into the water. About 2 minutes after the sand was placed in the water Patrick was soaked by a lone huge wave . Now you can call that coincidence all you want , all I know is that his sisters run of bad luck started to loose steam shortly after the sand left her house.