……well not puppy exactly but still. Lola is not okay. Well she IS okay but we found out at her Vet trip on Wednesday that she is allergic to alot of things. We are now beginning the process of what it is that she might be allergic to . We have been noticing lately that she is always scratching,or chewing on herself and constantly licking her paws. Some areas on her legs she has actually chewed raw spots.The first thing the Vet checked for was Mange and fleas, of which there were no sign of either.He then took a small scraping of her skin to use for further testing.

 Kinda sad,I am sure you pet owners know what I am talking about. The Vet gave us a new dog food to try with Duck and Venison, but she is not allowed ANY treats at all,or table scraps until we figure out what the inciting allergen is.

She also has a bit of build up by her eardrums and has been scratching at her ears for awhile. The Vet said that she has not punctured her ear drums which is a good thing, alot of dogs do that unknowingly and then they become deaf. So now we have ear drops, three different pills that have very confusing dosing schedules, and 2 new dog foods one dry for her normal food and a new type of canned stuff to substitute as treats. Please send some good thoughts and Karma her way,she could use it,her daddies could too. The hardest part for us is gonna be the treats and table scraps, but whatever it takes to get to the underlying issues, we will, of course do. She is, after all, the only princess in the family.Except,of course, for Patrick but that is a whole other post, and something which I don’t think needs repeating .