I can not believe in just 20 days from today I will officially be” in my 40s”. If you ask Patrick I have been “in my 40s” for the past year( something he loves to rib me about since he is a mere youngster at 36.) My take on it is when I become 41 THEN and only then will I be in my40s. It isn’t like I really care about my age, I most definitely don’t feel like I am in my 40s. After all it is just a number.( I wonder if it is okay to add one more “in my 40s” to this paragraph ?)

Back when we first started dating we started a tradition of having “Birthday weeks”, in which, the whole week of your Birthday you are pampered and whatever you want to do is granted (within limits folks). Not so much material things everyday but the little things like cooking a great dinner, or a sweet card or flowers . Going to the movies and for a cocktail on a work night that kinda thing.

Last night Patrick started a new tradition, to commemorate the beginning of the birth month, one small gift, or a surprise for the birthday person. I came home last night to find 2 of the most beautiful Betta/Siamese fighting fish in the world in nicely decorated tanks with  coral and plants awaiting my arrival.Actually,Patrick made me go buy dinner on the way home from work to stall for time to finish the surprise. To some this may not be a big deal, after all betta fishes are small and not exactly expensive. It meant alot to me , however because I love fish. I could stare at them all day long and never ever be bored.I would have loved to have been a marine biologist,but I digress.

One of my new Bettas is absolutely stunning. He is a turquoise blue with hints of red and purple and his tank is decorated with blue marbles and a blue plastic plant, I named him Neptune. The other is also beautiful but lighter in color a kind of violetish corally color, with reds pinks and violet  and a hint of silver . Its tank is decorated with multi colored plastic confetti and pink coral , its name is Violet(I hope its a girl).

I really have no idea why I posted this, other than to share how lucky I am to have a partner that loves and cares for me as much as Patrick does. Once again I hope I didn’t bore you all to tears reading this. I truly am a blessed man , and I just wanted to share .