Exactly two years ago today 2 guys set forth on a grand adventure. It was with mixed emotions that they sold everything they owned, and boarded a plane headed for a new start on the tropical Isle of Maui.  Leaving the mainland was a bit hard for alot of different reasons some obvious some not. Most obvious was the leaving their friends and family. Not knowing what the Island had in store for them they set out with high hopes and guarded expectations .

Yup that’s right Patrick and I have been here on Maui for 2 years today. Lola did not get to join us for another 6 months due to the states quarantine regulations. And after an ACL surgery for Patrick and a shattered knee cap for me we are still here! When we left Portland we had no way of knowing if we were going to make it here, which, I suppose was all part of the grand adventure thing. We have made it and are doing well here. We both feel blessed and lucky to get to call Maui home.