Usually I am the epitome of the holiday season, in fact I am the guy most of you hate. Yeah you know what I mean, Christmas music blaring from my car and in my home from the day after thanksgiving on.Yes I do show a modicum of restraint.I have even been tempted, in years past, to attach a wreath to my car(although I never did).I get the tree as soon as I can without having to worry about it turning brown before the GREAT DAY. I DVR all the Christmas shows regardless of how many times I have seen them, and yes I am talking about Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, and The Year without a Santa Claus.  But this year I just ain’t feeling it. Okay, yes I did burn a few Holiday CDs but that has been the extent of my cheeryness. Oh and I might have listened to the “all christmas all the time” radio station a couple of times.

I have no idea where my holiday cheer has gone. It is kind of upsetting, cuz really, when I say it isn’t like me, I really mean it . We are not even DOING a tree this year. Granted we will be on the big island until the 23 rd , and I have to work on Christmas Eve and Day, so there really is no reason for a tree I will hardly even get to see . Don’t get me wrong I am not depressed, not in the slightest. I just really don’t see the need for a tree this year. I can’t even change my mind when I get back because I lent my tree stand to some friends. I guess maybe I am just burnt out. Hopefully this little get away will give me the rest I need to make it through the next month at work. Being able to spend a whole 4 days with the husband is a great perk,at least I can count on that.So we shall see how I feel when I get back. But until then ………..BAH HUMBUG.