Hey Ho all . It is with great pleasure that I can announce that, sometime over my weekend I have surpassed the 5,000 visitor mark. I thought that a theme change was in order to commemorate the auspicious event, hope you all like !! I find it a little overwhelming that so many people have stopped by to share a little time learning about our life with Lola. The best part is that I realize that I have a few really great people who are devoted readers,I think they have contributed highly to my blogsess ( new word). So to you my faithful readers, new and old friends, with a sister thrown in for good measure,I say thank you!! With out you all reading me on a regular basis I may have quit the blogosphere awhile ago.But you guys keep reminding me that although my blog is quite tame and, frankly boring at times, there are still some people who have found me and like to come back.That makes me happy.

My blog most likely will never be the one that gets 20-30 comments per post, in fact I average about 5-6 per post. I learned a little while ago , or I should say I was reminded that it is not the quantity of comments I get that is important, but the quality. Let me tell you I have alot of very high quality comments here, each made moreso by the people who wrote them. I have some sort of on going relationship with most of my commenters,granted the sister one was kinda easy, so I think I like it better this way! I look forward to each and every comment you guys post, so again thank you !!

I may never be on Best Gay Blogs,or win a blogging award but I am happy with my blog just the way it is.I have met some really great folks through this medium,and hope to cement the new friendships that have developed along the way. And for that reason, if for no other I am happy I decided to start this journey. I am also glad some of you have decided to tag along!!Your new friendships and reconnections have made it all worth while .

Mahalo Nui Loa