Words can not express how totally stoked I am at this minute. In just 2 days Patrick and I are off to the big island to enjoy 4 days with some good friends from Portland. Although that is,in itself, exciting news, that is not why I am stoked . I just got off the phone with the lovely people at the Hilton Waikaloa and the Dolphinquest Folk. It seems that I will be able to make a reservation to swim with the dolphins on December 22nd (my birthday). Kinda pricey but Patrick insisted that I do it.$190.00 for a 30 min time slot with 20 of those minutes being dolphin time !!! Plus one of the benefits of being a “Local”  is a lot of the tourist places give us a special discount, just for living here !! Which equates so an additional 20% off the $190.00 rate. WOOHOO. I tried to talk Patrick out of it, because I really don’t want to spend that much money for 20 minutes of playtime . He was not taking no for an answer. He is just about the best man in the whole entire world (and not just because  I get to swim with Flipper) He actually told me he was “really gonna be pissed if I didn’t take advantage of the opportunity.”

I have always held a deep affinity for these gentle creatures of the sea. A couple of years ago my then parnter, now x, took me to Sea World in San Diego. When we got to the dolphin show they all started jumping and flipping through the air. I actually started to cry like a school girl. Of course, at that time I was in the bleachers, this time I will be in the same water. I can not express how much this will mean to me. I am quite sure it will be the best Birthday present ever and one of my fondest memories. Unless,of course,they all go crazy and attack me the minute I get in their lagoon.