And if I am lucky alot wiser. We got back to Maui from Kona without incident. We had a nice time with our friends from Portland and spent a whole day at the Hilton Waikaloa , which was a beautiful property. I decided against swimming with the dolphins on my birthday, for 2 reasons,1) when I do it I really want Patrick to do it with me, and we didn’t have the money for us both to go and 2) We talked to a few people at the pool who had done it and from what they told us it was a bit disappointing. I did, however, get to see a Sea Turtle up close and personal, and then snorkeled with a few of them for about a half an hour. Very graceful creatures, their swimming reminded me of an angel flying. Oh …I also got a huge Owie on my knee by running into a spur of coral, that crap is sharp. My first snorkeling injury ( Really, it isn’t that bad).

 My Birthday was spent at the Hilton’s Pool area, then we had a nice dinner and went back to the condo, kinda low key but I am 41 now, I can’t be expected to be wild forever. For those of you who called me and had to leave a message, sorry I left my phone locked in the jeep so I would not lose it at the pool.

I hope all of my readers and friends have a wonderful day tomorrow, full of all the holiday cheer you can possibly handle. May the new year bring you all that you are hoping for. As for me I hope to get to know you all better and cement the bonds of friendship that have formed !!!

 Happy, Happy Holidays to all !!!!!