Lola is scared of fireworks,as a matter of fact to say she is terrified of them would be closer to the truth. This really only affects us twice a year, the Fourth of July and a few days preceding it and NYE. Well, here in Hawaii it starts the day after Christmas, culminating with a fireworks extravaganza on NYE.

We found out about this back when we still lived in Oregon. I came home on the evening of the Fourth of July,to find Lola hiding under our bed. Only she was too big to fit under the bed, she was stuck. I had to dismantle the bed to get her out from under it. while this is a great story to tell (and to blog about) now it was quite traumatic for herat the time. And a little for me as well ,I suppose. I went around the house closing all the windows with Lola right at my heels. She would not move from my side,finally we went and lay on the bed.I tried to comfort her as she continued to shake and whine. Patrick and I felt like really bad parents, although I don't know why. It isn't like Lola could have told us . "By the way daddies I am terrified of fireworks." 

So now two times a year we go through the same ritual.We go to the Vet and get doggie Valium.On the day of the event we close all the windows in the house and leave radios blaring in the living romm and bedroom.One of us usually tries to be home early before the celebrations begin. This year Patrick will be home around 4o'clock . I will be at work dealing with drunken revelers.However my chores are done. The windows and blinds are all closed,and both radios are blaring, the doggie valium has been given and Lola? ……. She is fast asleep at my feet .