So last night I arrived home at 1153PM just in time to rush into the house,drop all my accoutrements and greet my Man and dog with new year kisses. I was kinda worried about driving home at that time because I live on the North Shore, and work on the South Shore at least a 45 min commute with no traffic. Which in itself is kind of odd since I have never had a longer than 20 minute commute while living on the mainland, yet I move to an island and it’s 45 minutes. I had a feeling the roads would be riddled with drunkards.

I arrived home with little to no incidents. The only thing worth mentioning is a small fireworks induced brush fire, and the idiot who blinded me with his brights and was dropping lit fireworks out of his truck. You know the ones that spin and change color, yeah that was them. 

Note to the aforementioned firework thrower: sooo not cool bud.

I know now that I must be getting old , I feel as if I have been run over by a Mac truck, and that is without even having one cocktail. I hope you all had a wonderful NYE, however it was spent!!