We interrupt this previously happy blog for the following Vent : Worker’s Comp F*&^%&ing Red Tape.

 Patrick, is in the midst of another worker’s comp case. What can I say, he is almost as clutzy as I am . But, seriously he has no depth perception, so tripping and falling happen to him frequently. This time he tripped up a stair and hit his neck and shoulder on a wall at work. The prognosis is not that great. They think he may have caused himself some neurological damage. His Dr. pushed down on his neck to examine it and his whole arm went into a spasm. The scary part is when the Dr asked Patrick if he felt that spasm Patrick did not feel it. So now he has to go for an MRI.

Begin Vent :

This accident happened on DEC 7 2006. It was reported to his MGR that same day. Now here we are JAN 4 2007, and still no MRI has been done. It wasn’t even approved until last Tuesday. also he has not received any worker’s comp money yet.Now, I totally understand that Patrick is not the only person to have been hurt last month on the job . I also feel that the WC people have lost the fact that there is a human being at the end of that claim number. One that needs to eat, pay bills etc….. What would be the case if Patrick lived alone and had no other income coming into his life? As it is we are barely scraping by with my check every two weeks , because his Dr. has demanded no work at all until the MRI can be done and looked at. It just really sucks. Patrick feels like a big time loser because he is not contributing to the income, but feels he is contributing to the higher stress level. Which, by no fault of his own, is somewhat true. So he hurt himself at work , it wasn’t on purpose and stuff like it happens every day. I would really like the WC people here to get on the ball. Hire more staff if it’s needed. I am sure that no one else is getting more preferential treatment, than Patrick. If that is the case there are some really hurting people in need of a serious revamping of the system. Not so it can be abused but so it can be there when people need it, and for it to work in a more timely and efficient manner.  

End Vent

We will return you to your usually happy blog by next posting. Thanks for listening.