Patrick has been trying for years to get me into the playing of video games. I have really just not been one to catch on to them so quickly. I freak out when I can’t do it right and then just lose my temper,so,in the past, they have not been enjoyable to me. Enter Play Station 2 and the Sims 2. I AM ADDICTED. Luckily it can be a 2 player game and we have been playing alot over the past 2 days. Last night we played from 8 P.M. – 2:30 A.m..I know it seems like a waste of time but this game is so cool ya’ll, that’s coming from a non-gamer. If you are not familiar with the game you basically create a person and live it’s life for it . When to eat, use the bathroom, sleep and get a job are some of the things you do for your sim. You have to teach them to socialize and other cool stuff. Be warned it is very highly addictive.

When we are not gaming we have rented a bunch of movies. One of the ones that I loved, even though it did not get good reviews from friends, was The Wicker Man with Nicholas Cage and Ellen Bernstein(I think I spelled that wrong) . It has a very dark nightmarish quality to it, even though I would not classify it as a horror movie.I highly recommend it ! Nicholas plays a cop on a missing child investigation, and is led to a mysterious island in the Puget Sound. Ellen plays Gaia the Earth Mother’s “wordly representitive”. The twist at the end is quite a shocker. I did not see that coming.

So if you have some free time any time soon, and your a gamer  try out The Sims 2. If you are not a gamer check out The Wicker Man. Either way you are sure to be entertained.