Sheeeesh it is hard to believe I have not done a peek into my Library for 6 whole months. But it is true. Granted I have been a little busy,but that is no excuse. I do read other books while we are doing the whole book club thing so I am going to share a few of the ones I have read here for your perusal.

The first is #3 in a series . You may have seen me post in my other library posts about David Hewson and his Nic Costa Series. Well, welcome to book number three in the series . It was a very enjoyable book, even though it really made me want to go to Italy. Perhaps one day.I like the way the characters are actually turning into a more cohesive team , rather more like a family than a team of police officers and the like. I learned from the website there will be more Nic Costa Books coming at least through 2012. I am curious to see where else these characters will go .

The next book was a little bit of a divergence for me. It is part of another series starring a guy who calls himself Repairman Jack. He is a fairly cool guy. He also gets himself into some serious supernatural trouble in the first book. According to the author, as the books progress Jack begins to feel acall by the cosmos to enter the battle between Darkness and Light,and to help the little people by righting as many wrongs as he is able while waiting for the inevitable battle. It was a good read as well. There are quite a few stand alone books in this series but the website has a particular order in which one should read the books in order to get the best sense of what is going on.

One other book I read is a bit of a different flair as well ( see I am trying to branch out from the who dunnit /cop books).  This was a fictional book involving a group I find very interesting, The Knights Templar. I was drawn into this book from page one. The opening scene is really hard not to be drawn into. It did seem to lag a bit in some parts and there were some things in it that were predictable but for the most part it was a great book,for a first time author.

So, there you have it. A few of the extracurricular books that I have been reading to pass some enjoyable down time.