On January 11, 2006 a guy in Maui got on his computer, logged into Blogger, and began a blog. He called it Life with Lola ; the adventure continues, after his dog. The title you see above was the title of my first blog post. Like most first time bloggers I had no idea what the blog was to become, or even if I would have enough to write about to keep it going. Apparently, I did because here we are on the eve of this blogs 1 year anniversary into the blogging world. Many times in the past year I have not really had much to blog about. I even have said on here that I lead a pretty boringcalm existence. But, thankfully some of you out there do not agree with that and continue to visit on a regular basis. To those I wish to extend a hearty Mahalo niu loa ( or as you should know by reading Thank You very much in Hawaiian). This blog has helped me to be in better contact with my sister, reconnect with long lost friends and gain some new friends as well . For these things and more I will be eternally grateful.

So where will this blog go from here, you may ask?Frankly, I am not sure. I do know that you can count on being regaled with more stories about our life with Lola here on Maui. Perhaps some more Patrick stories will be thrown into the mix as well. I am anticipating a black out period some time in the middle of the year as we, once again pack up all of our worldly possessions and relocate to Florida after a brief visit with friends in Portland, while waiting for said possessions. But that is not until at least July so don’t fret. 

Also the book club that I started with some new friends will continue to roll out the book reviews and discussions on the book club blog. Other than that you will be entertained (or not) by witty stories and charming looks into our lives . Oh and I would like to take this time to thank Ron over at My life as brutus’ dad for being my first ever commenter!! Kinda changed the whole deal for me , I then  knew at least one person was reading !! I seriously can not wait to see what all of our relationships are like when I write the 2 year anniversary post. Thank you all for tagging along and checking in from time to time . I mean that sincerely. So Triumphant Entry???  For the blog……… maybe not so much. As for me and what the blog has brought to me ??? Most definitely a very triumphant entry !  😉